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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Guess What? Time 4 Afronerd Radio 2nite @7pm EST-Topics? Halloween as a 6B Industry; Horror Flick Favs; "Mini" Gangs; In Living Color's Back & More!

Don't forget to set your clocks for Afronerd Radio's pre Halloween broadcast, scheduled for 7pm this Sunday evening. The topics slated for our special brand of "pumpkin carving" are the following: since Halloween IS upon us-how and why did it become a SIX BILLION DOLLAR industry rivaling Xmas; picking up from last week's forgotten topic-what's up with Tampa, Florida's "Coon-A-Ween" party? (what would we ever do without these lower case folks?); radio conglomerate, Clear Channel fires potentially hundreds of local DJs across the country; more on Halloween....remembering our favorite horror films from early celluloid classics to the present; Fox's In Living Color TV show returns with new programming/cast and lastly, The New York Post reports on the growth of "mini" gang culture which is separate and distinct from more coventional and/or established "gangstas." Again, see you all at 7pm EST. Oh and for you boils and ghouls, the call in number is 646-915-9620 and despite it being Halloween, don't be "scurrrred," the conservative and independent water is warm, folks!

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