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Monday, June 13, 2011

Doors Open 4 The Comic Shoppe, Tues at 7pm! Discussing Both Animated & Live GL; Supes New Costume; Comic Reading Suggestions & A Black Bats 4 Real!

Hey folk, it's that time once AGAIN! Stop by our Comic Shoppe tomorrow at 7pm as Daryll B, Capt. Kirk and yours truly shed some light on this week's topics: as DC revamps its entire comic book line with fresh new number one issues, Superman and other characters are experiencing wardrobe changes; the Shoppe crew finally get around to suggesting some comic book/graphic novel reads for their listeners; thoughts on the introduction of a Black character to the Batman family.....Batwing; a review of the new Green Lantern animated release, Green Lantern: Emerald Knights in addition to predictions for this upcoming weekend's release of the live action iteration and lastly, if time permits we will give our impression of DC and Marvel's event story lines thus far (and why aren't there event story lines for publishers outside of the big two). Feel free to give us a call live at: 646-915-9620 or contact us via email/IM at afronerdradio@yahoo.com.

Afronerd Radio Presents The Comic Shoppe!

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