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Monday, June 06, 2011

The Comic Shoppe is Open 4 The Business of Pulp Tues at 7pm: More on DCnU & Digital Downloads, X-men: 1st Class, E3 Gaming Expo & SYFY's Red Faction!

Well, were back and ready for business! Check out The Comic Shoppe, courtesy of Afronerd Radio tomorrow at 7pm eastern. Stop by and pull up a chair to listen to Daryll B, Captain Kirk and yours truly discuss the following comic book/sci-fi and fantasy oriented subject matter: X-Men: First Class was released this past weekend to a respectable but below expectations 56 million box office draw....we will talk about financial as well as the racial implications of the film; DC intends to not only reboot their entire line back to #1s but also release corresponding digital download versions by the fall of 2011; in the world of video gaming, the 2011 E3 Expo begins this week; and speaking of video games, the SYFY network's Red Faction: Origins series recently aired and lastly, our favorite comic book reads/suggestions from last week. So, once again, call in live at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com to participate or elucidate....you choose.

Afronerd Radio Presents The Comic Shoppe!

And as always, check out the latest blog posting by the Shoppe's own Daryll B:

Hi AfroNerd Readers and listeners. Before I begin this I would like to apologize to you and my compatriots for missing the last Comic Shoppe show. Hopefully, this won't happen again. I'll keep this blog brief with quick thoughts then give you some links from my fav sites over the past week.

Firstly, I am digging Fear Itself immensely. However, as of issue #3, I am seriously hating Matt Fraction which only stands to prove that he's got me seriously hooked to get me worked up over a trope that was obvious as heck if I was reading rationally....

Next, I loved the Static Shock Special and I believe that Dwayne McDuffie would like it too... However, DC transforming Mister Terrific into a Black Panther/Falcon combo...notsomuch...

Avengers Academy 14.1 was hands down, the BEST of the point one issues so far...

If you haven't been watching Doctor Who... what is wrong with you? And the more commercials I see of Falling Skies on TNT, just cements that I have to watch it....

My apologies to Charlotte Fullerton, McDuffie's Widow, for forgetting her name on the show 2 weeks ago. After going through a marathon of Ben 10 and his different incarnations over the weekend, I have to wonder why DC hasn't approached her to do an all ages book yet.....

I am geeked up because this week promises me a new mini marvels book...and I am also getting the Darkwing Duck trade....

Now on to the links....

1) Interesting views on parts of the DC reboot by blogger David Brothers at 4th Letter but as usual the comments section became a much more fascinating read:


What role should an author's personal political stance play in your purchase of a book? This is a tricky question indeed and most of the commenters, along with Mr. Brothers provided insightful responses. I must admit, political views don't affect me as much as racist/sexist stances. Orson Scott Card is a prime example for me... I just can't bring myself to buy one of his novels due to some statements he has been linked to in the past

2) Comics Alliance went around to various retailers about the DC line wide reboot and found that their responses are as varied as the customers'


CBR does the same thing here:


3) Speaking of the reboot, Gail Simone gives her opinion with this column:


4) This is hilarious...and O SO true:


5) We'll do a review on X-Men First Class on the show but Comic Book Resources had several good articles connected to the movie starting with goofy Chuck Austin moments on the book:


and specifically his created character Azazel, who's that "Red" Nightcrawler...


Here's their official review which we'll cover in our own responses on the show:


This sort of smashes together DBurt's and my own thinking on the film....

5) What are the best comic book video games ever? I don't really know but CBR came up with a list:


6) Spinoff Online ponders who should take over the Batman franchise:


While the Comics Alliance Smallvillains continue their look back at Batman movie series:


That's it for me this week fans! Until next week, Keep Fantasizing!

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