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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Comic Shoppe Sells Pulp Discourse 4 Cheap! Tues at 7pm-Our Green Lantern Review; Comic Book Reads, Bionic Man, Powers TV News & More!

Don't forget to stop by our virtual Comic Book Shop aka The Shoppe, tomorrow at 7pm eastern. Join Captain Kirk, Daryll B. and Dburt as they analyze the most recent comic book/sci-fi and fantasy related stories such as: the new Green Lantern film which was released this past weekend to a tepid 53 million dollars in box office receipts; new comic book/graphic novel suggested reads; Dynamite releases the Bionic Man this August and can a live action film be too far behind?; actress Lucy Punch is cast as Deena Pilgrim in FX's upcoming Powers TV show; and if Powers wasn't news enough....100 Bullets is coming to Showtime as well and lastly, Brad Caleb Kane, writer and co-producer on Fox's Fringe is slated to write a Daredevil reboot to hit the silver screen. Pull up a chair and call us live at 646-915-9620 or contact us via email/IM at afronerdradio@yahoo.com. See you at 7pm!

Oops and I would be remiss if I didn't post the latest words of wisdom from The Shoppe's own Daryll B.:

Hello AfroNerd Readers/Followers and welcome to TV/Movie review week.... Actually, other places do this much better than me but I was in for a treat this past week: I had a schedule in which 6 out of 8 days saw a finale or premiere which begged for a review...

Monday: Doctor Who Mid-Season Finale: 7 out of 10... While it tied up some of the questions I had previous, the sudden inclusion of new characters that I felt (and the show makes you feel) should have been previously known took me right out of the story. Too many new characters and a wishy-washy non-ending left me unfulfilled....

Tuesday: Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes Season Finale: 10 out of 10... this will actually be shown Sunday Morning here in the U.S. but thanks to friends across the pond, I got to catch the 90 minute (with commercials) season finale right after the radio show. All those who keep kneecapping this because it isn't JLU, I just have to ask what is on that is better right now? Avengers rumbling with Loki in Asgard...and check out the new Iron Man suit!!!

Geek Rage Moment: How the hell did Iron Man Armored Adventures get a new season and Wolverine and the X-Men get canned again? Everytime I see the commercials on NickToons, I get Hulk Levels of pissed off! Especially before a teased Age of Apocalypse storyline...

Wednesday: I "rested" with a bout of the flu... more like the flu kicked my ass and I missed new comic book day... Gave me time to get ready for the Green Lantern movie however

Thursday and Friday: Green Lantern movie at Midnight into Friday..... Watched it again on Friday Morning so I am pretty assured in my 6.5 out of 10 ranking for the film. Good foundation for the next film and Ryan Reynolds is ok but..... it wasn't as good as X-Men First Class and nowhere near Thor. It did share the same problems as Thor though. The highlights: Hector Hammond was well played and so were Kilowog and Tomar Re. Ryan Reynolds and Mark Strong were ok. I would have changed just about everything else...including the running time. This movie barely goes past an hour and a half and they tried to squeeze 2 years of things into this...

Saturday: Outcasts...7 out of 10...Again another good foundation beginning and I have to see where the story goes. If you are familiar with British Science Fiction then you'll recognize a lot of the faces here and like the next thing I am reviewing, we are dropped in the midst of the conflict. I would say that this would be my Battlestar replacement if not for

Sunday: Falling Skies ...9 out of 10....Take the Librarian series, mix it with War of the Worlds and add in some Galactica level hard choices and morals for good measure. This may be simplistic in some respects (the little kid got annoying but which of them aren't in end of the world/sci-fi stories?) but complex in others (alien traps? human factions?). The premiere was 2 episodes back to back, but the type of storytelling and set-ups made this viewer feel like he was a part of the struggle... Can TNT and their writers keep up the good momentum...?

Monday: Sanctuary....4 out of 10...My only true disappointment from a week out good science fiction. My displeasure actually has been over the last 4 episodes which felt like they crammed double the episode events into them. This fast forward / info dump has been jarring to this fan and I hope it doesn't mean bad things for the series....

Link Blogging.....

1) David Brothers gives his review of the Green Lantern movie:


2) Comics Alliance got their associates together to take a look at some of the costume "tweaks" of the reboot. I will say that this is enlightening, especially for a male like me, on several levels....


3) Once again DC Editors do their spin on the 'controversial' changes of the "52"...


4) I do not see how the Wildstorm Characters like Midnighter and Apollo who are obviously based on bedrock DC icons will work in the actual DC Universe even with Martian Manhunter on the squad. On the other hand, I do trust Paul Cornell as a writer...


5) If you folks wondered what Attack The Block was from our last show, Spinoff Online has a review with pictures and trailer. The good news on top of that is that the movie has found an American distributor and will be on our shores July 29th...


6) Paul Tobin....Falling Skies comic......I'm there!


7) My Katee Sachoff in Powers dreams...dead..DEAD..


8) Hidden gem of a book but I'll give it play here with Matt Duarte's review:


and fellow Weekly Crisis' reporter Ryan K. Lindsey's interview with creator Mark Andrew Smith


Between this, Tiny Titans, Mini Marvels, and Takio last month by Bendis, I think my little cousins will be hooked on reading for the Summer... *knock on wood*

Thx for reading AfroNerd Followers...and until next week, Keep Fantasizing!!!

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