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Monday, May 16, 2011

On Tuesday The Comic Shoppe Opens at 7pm: Wonder Woman Pilot Defeated, Smallville Finale....Finally!, Supes Beyond, Flintstones Reboot & More!

Well, as always we have a fully packed, pulp flavored Comic Shoppe Show coming up tomorrow at 7pm eastern. Join Daryll B, Capt. Kirk and Dburt (and call in live at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com) as they analyze the latest in sci-fi/graphic novel/fantasy infused pop culture! The topics scheduled to be put under the microscope are: Family Guy/American Dad/Cleveland Show creator, Seth McFarlane has been given the green light to update The Flintstones for the masses; our take on last Friday's Smallville 10th season finale; the highly anticipated Wonder Woman show is cancelled before it even left the ground; Superman get the futuristic treatment in the same vein (and continuity) as Batman Beyond in an upcoming one shot; Are The Avengers and Thor Animated projects giving us any clues as to what to expect from the film version and lastly, our favorite graphic novel suggestions from the previous weeks.

Afronerd Radio Presents The Comic Shoppe!

Next up, check out the latest blog posting from The Shoppe's own, Daryll B.

Ok Folks, shall we enter the fantasy breach again?

1) After watching the Stargate Universe and Smallville finales along with hearing the news of the Wonder Woman pilot not being picked up, Graeme McMillan asks...well:


Yeah, he goes there.....

2) A point that we have made on the show many times comic accessibility after watching movies is reiterated here by Michael May:


However, I disagree about Thor being in the same situation as X-Men and Spider-Man prior. I would send folks interested to the JMS run, which the movie takes heavily from in the Earth scenes. Then I would recommend the Dan Jurgens run after Heroes Reborn where we first saw the effects of a visible Asgard to people of Earth (and also eventually saw Thor running Asgard).

Then I'd point them towards the Walt Simonson run from the 80s-90s which is considered the best Marvel run on the character by many. If they want a Marvel twist on classic Thor tales, then I would point them to the Matt Fraction Ages of Thunder HC/TP.

3) One of the guys I love to debate comics with in the CSBG comments section, Travis Pelkie, went to his first big comic con up in Boston last weekend and reported on it:


As usual Comic-Con and Hijinks go hand in hand....

4) Greg Burgas does a trip that I do every 3 weeks to some of the bigger comic shops around Manhattan:


He misses a couple of them of course but this store crawl is always a fun experience for comic book geek like yours truly.

5) One of the reasons I think Dburt and now Captain Kirk tolerate my rants is that when I am wrong, I will not shirk away and admit will my mistakes. That being said I would like to think I am open-minded about a lot of issues. So in that spirit, once again David Brothers over at 4th Letter, in responding to a blog writer who I think shared my point, delivers a strong argument that counters my "ethnic pollination of comic universes" idea:


Bonus: Check out how David dissects the appeal of the Wu-Tang Clan here. Totally on point:


You know, it is really hard for me to admit defeat but after hearing the show and reading the blog Mr. Brothers responded to.... yeah I sounded like a rambling nutjob. So I do apologize.. but I am still going to give you all my brief "Black Avengers" pitch but of course I will not ever use that name...

Ok my template is inspired by a Weekly Crisis article from a couple of weeks ago which had a reader give his pitch on the forgotten character Viceroy:


Now for this book which I would name "Classified", we would open the story in Wakanda where The Black Panther and Storm would be monitoring world newscasts. Alongside stories of the Avengers and X-Men doing good, T'Challa would see stories of strife in other "less glamorous" parts of the world which of course angers him. Knowing that he can effect change in these situations, he sends personal agents to these hot spots....

In the first 6 issues, we would see the framework of this "Classified" organization being laid as the agents would scout out the hot spots and contact local power brokers / community leaders. The intent of this is two-fold: introduce new characters and provide a frame work knowlege of other places on the Marvel Earth. So while I might use a Falcon or Photon as an agent for an issue at anytime, it would be as a tool to glimpse their situation and why T'Challa's aid may or may not work. Each issue would be stand alone, tethered by the cause and if Marvel pulls the plug (see Young Allies, Spider-Girl), they would at least introduce 3-5 more ethnic characters that can be used in other places.

In the next 6 issues, we would see that there are hints of a counter organization working opposed to T'Challa's efforts that has been operating for far longer. They use these communities that 'higher profile" heroes don't normally come to as a pipeline for their operations. Purposely, they don't use much high-tech or grandiose characters that would attract attention. This allows them the freedom to continue even if an operative or chapter gets compromised. T'Challa starts to put 2 and 2 together and gathers his newfound allies (and some enemies) to deal with the threat.

Now Tom Breevort, was that so hard?

Until next week AfroNerd Readers, Keep Fantasizing!

And speaking of the Tales of Asgard:

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