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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Check Out Our Mid Week in Review Show! Discussing-Google's Music Game Changer; More on Marriage (from Celebs) & Does Porn Lead 2 Divorce & More!

AGAIN!...playing it close to the vest and keeping it terse-stop by tomorrow's Afronerd Radio-The Mid Week in Review Edition as Dburt and The Captain pontificate on the following current event laden topics: Google introduces its music cloud program/app and it promises to revolutionize the music industry (to its chagrin); a recent Huffington Post piece posits whether porn leads to divorce; upon a listener's suggestion for a topic-is there room for a 21st century version of WEB DuBois' Talented tenth proposition as it pertains to African-American empowerment?; revisiting last show's discussion on the alleged decrease in the desirability of marriage as an institution...this time from the perspective of today's celebrities and lastly, if time permits-Dburt's observational rant segment dealing with overt idolatry (hint...it has something to do with Juanita "Cool Handout Luke" Bynum and "Pimp Hand" Eddie Long). If you haven't guessed, this show i sure to be another fiery broadcast. Call us live at-646-915-9620 or via email/Im at afronerdradio@yahoo.com. See you at 7pm eastern.

Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review broadcast!

And while you wait for the show, check out this extended teaser trailer of the fourth season of True Blood:

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