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Monday, July 20, 2009

Two Clips of Note, Courtesy of CNN: Farrakhan on MJ & A Glimpse of Black in America 2

More on the Min. Farrakhan piece in a few and now for a snippet of Black in America Par Deux:

Actually, before I submit my two cents on the Black in America 2 series, let's take a look at Mr. Chris Chambers' (of the Nat Turner's Revenge blog) take on the CNN effort. Here's an excerpt of his pre-screening experience, courtesy of The Retort:

So now what did the safe crowd see in Part I (and what will they see in what I digested from Part II airing 7/23 at 8pm; preview courtest of CNN's press DVDs)? Nothing weak, meek or bleak. Just safe. But here are some highlights...not-so-safe, powerful journalism to savor:

* Dr. Lisa Newman’s sights and reflections during her expedition to Ghana, a reverse-, or rather anti-Middle Passage exploration, to discover the genetic cause and fix for triple negative breast cancer (TNBC).

* The physical ordeal and spiritual odyssey of Dr. Newman’s patient, an educated, fairly well off suburban Detroit mother named Dawn Spencer, and joyful, hype-less volunteerism of the African American breast cancer group Sisters Network.

* The apparent self-immolation of Project Choice graduate and ex-con Chris Shurn, and the eerie foreshadowing tour he gives of his old home, an empty “Dogtown” in Oakland, California.

* Everett Highbaugh of Project Choice, fretting over young Brian Hall’s lack of a plan. But sometimes having the plan isn’t enough.

* D.C.-area husband James Barnes witnessing his 21 year marriage to wife Tina crack, and yet tearfully, he cannot articulate his innermost feelings why the fracture occurred. happened.

* The images of Frank Wilson, heart attack victim and ward of Chicago’s Project Brotherhood. Frank Wilson--metaphor for so many things.

* One genuine moment in Soledad’s otherwise hagiographical treatment of Tyler Perry: when he says the word “ownership.”

For the Chamber's piece in its entirety, click on the link below:

Preview of Black in America 2: is Part I Weak, Meek or Bleak?

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