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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No BabaBooey Mishap for Pres. Obama! While Our POTUS Threw The 1st Pitch....Poor Malia Caught Hell Over a T-Shirt!

I didn't mean to harass famed Howard Stern Show producer, Gary Dell'abate for his first pitch, but unfortunately, he will forever serve as a testament for what notables should not do when given the honor to throw out the first pitch. And now for your daily dish of race baiting, courtesy of the Free Republic blog....check out this next report:

A truly horrible story of vitriol being thrown at a young girl. As our readers/radio listeners know, we do not sip the conservative juice wholeheartedly. We will call out fellow republicans for inappropriate and racist behavior just as consistently when it comes from the left side of the aisle (and trust us...they do). I first heard about the Malia Obama t-shirt debacle from the Booker Rising blog and as expected Booker's writer, Shay Riley in like fashion confronted the Free Republic site. Unfortunately, Shay's exchange with the site got ugly....check it out for yourselves:

Booker Rising To Freepers: "Y'all Need To Chill With The Racist Attacks. Also, Kids Are Off Limits!"

And then there's part two:

EMAIL: Free Republic's Response Regarding The Racist Attacks On Malia Obama On Its Website"

What are your thoughts on this folks? Comparisons will undoubtedly be made with the treatment of Sarah Palin's children, but is it a fair assertion? I do not remember the Palin kids having to deal with racially tinged assualts.....again, what say you?

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