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Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Black Surfer Dude? Hey, That's Sounds As Silly As Having A Black President! Oops! Check Out The Trailer For Whitewash!

Perhaps this latest documentary entitled Whitewash, will serve as a metaphor for America's exposure to the "wave" of information that allegedly is antithetical to Blackness. That's my highfalutin way of saying that Black folks are (and have been) doing things.....like surfing. While cyber-perusing the halls of okayplayer.com (the official website for the progressive hip hop band, The Roots) I came across this trailer which encapsulates the struggles of Black surfers and their attempt to gain recognition in a sport traditionally associated with White Californians. Just another example of our need to fight that monolithic box, folks! Let's keep fighting the good fight! Any thoughts?

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