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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Quick Reminder-1st pt, Star Interview with Afronerd radio; 2nd Pt-Our Week in Review -The Fun Starts at 7pm ET

This is just a quick reminder, that we will be interviewing controversial radio personality, Star of Star and Bucwild, this evening at 7pm eastern. And that's just the first part of the broadcast! For the second segment, commonly known as our Week in Review, Mr. Starks and I will be discussing the following: discussing Michael Eric Dyson and his recent rant against President Obama; a convicted Harlem criminal is allowed to sell his memorabilia over the internet; more incidental and harrowing crime stories occurring amongst lower tier Whites, Blacks and Browns, a brief discussion of HBO's True Blood which premieres its second season tonight and lastly, the horrific Holocaust museum shooting that occurred last week involving an elderly White supremacist (old hate at its worst). So give us a call with your questions and comments at-646-915-9620 or via IM/email-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. See you at 7pm and remember, Be square, Be there and Be aware!

Afronerd Radio Interviews Star of The Star & Bucwild Show

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