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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

These Recent "Chicken" Events Make Me Think of a Chris Rock Routine

Mr. Starks and I (if you haven't guessed) are having a cultural war with the concept of tribalism in the African-American community. Or are we fighting fraternalism? This war is a difficult exercise because one's instincts are always being tested when a person of color does something stupid and the Black collective ultimately has to pay for it. One such example pertains to our recent highlighting of the Popeyes restaurant debacle in which only Black people were featured exclaiming their dissatisfaction with the company running a special and then not having enough greasy, fattening chicken to satisfy the customer base. And then there was Oprah's recent KFC connection and alleged riot (with racial epithets) that ensued due to the same Popeye's dilemma-not enough chicken. Now a previous Youtube clip featuring Sean Combs appears to be making the rounds focusing on the same subject.....chicken fixation:

Are we really living in the new millennium? And is Barack Obama truly our president or was that some lost episode of the Twilight Zone the nation was glued to on Inauguration Day? I ask again, am I the only one noticing the current incessant adherence (by many high profile and no profile people of color) to stereotypes that many years ago we were fighting to debunk and dismantle? Are we reading too much into this or are we on to something? This is why Afronerd and Afronerd Radio are truly necessary. Someone must show the other side. We can no longer tolerate mush mouthed and monosyllabic entertainers speaking for an entire community without rebuttal or counterbalance. Or the bigger issue is...should these entertainers even be positioned to be spokespersons?. Someone must speak from an alternative perspective to fight the monolith. Enough! Let's hear from the class......

Oh and then Afronerd supporter, Sergio Mims from Ebony/Jet Online and the Bloodsport blog emailed me this bit of rocket scientist news....sigh:

Rap Wannabe In "Street Cred" Stickups

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