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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Comic Shoppe Returns Tues at 7pm, same Afronerd Time & Channel but Check Out this fan made GL Movie Trailer!

As time moves forward, I'm hearing more and more discussion pertaining to the influence the fans/geeks/nerds are having over the direction of these comic book and fantasy based films. Case in point-you might recognize the actor in the above clip as Nathan Fillon of Serenity and Castle fame. Well the ingenuity and quality of this fan made trailer appears to be making the rounds as Fillon, himself has praised the creator of the clip:

Courtesy of Reelzchannel.com:

While there is no official Green Lantern trailer, there is a fan-made one, starring Nathan Fillion in the title role. The trailer borrows from several movies, including Iron Man and the new Star Trek, and has so far impressed Fillion, who announced his satisfaction on Twitter: "I LOVE THIS! this guy rocks!"

The article further states:

Sol Romero, wife of Green Lantern director Martin Campbell, recently stated that the movie was "still in the casting process." Romero also revealed what fans can expect from the movie:

I personally think the movie is going to be bigger than any other comic movies, like Spider-Man. In the comic book, he is a regular guy who is a little bit afraid of his dad's shadow, and so he is piloting a jet plane [to prove himself]. But then he gets involved with this Green Lantern and is protecting the Earth, so he dies and becomes the next Green Lantern. He is a fearless character.

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