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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ok This Is Just Disgusting........Time To Rethink Ordering Takeout!

Beyond words.....I really can't speak on this as it so vile and worthy of a jail sentence. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

Courtesy of WPIX.com-

Domino's Pizza Employees Fired After Posting Disturbing YouTube Video

BY ANDREW RAMOS | wpix.com

April 14, 2009

CONOVER, N.C. (WPIX) -- It lasts about 2 minutes and 27 seconds long, but it's impact will most likely linger for the next couple of years.

Two Domino's Pizza employees inadvertently joined the ranks of the unemployed when they posted a video on YouTube that gave anyone watching a slew of reasons why they should think twice before ordering from basically, anywhere.

A woman donning a Domino's uniform, who identifies herself as "Kristy" starts off the video by speaking directly to the camera and declares that "... at Domino's, I like to be lazy," she says. "Yes, lazy."

The camera then pans to the right where we find co-worker "Michael" who is preparing what appear to be ready-made sandwiches for would-be customers. "Michael" is seen picking his nose and wipes it on one of the sandwiches, prompting "Kristy" to laugh out loud.

"Did ya'll just see that? He just put a booger on those sandwiches," she's heard saying.

The vile act leads "Kristy" to reminisce about another time - most likely videotaped - when "Michael" apparently went to town on another batch of sandwiches.

"Do you remember the time you sneezed?" she asks him. Yes, I'm sure Michael remembers all about it, but the tragedy is that we could only imagine.

The video carries on for another gruesome minute and a half that could be best described as disgusting.

Just hours after the video was brought to the attention of the franchise's owner, both Kristy and Michael were immediately - and rightfully - terminated.

"Our chief of security has spoken to the franchise owner [Tuesday] morning, who was dumbfounded, to say the least," wrote Vice President of Communications for Domino's Pizza Tim McIntyre in an email to consumerist.com, who first reported the story.

"He has told us that he will be terminating their employment today," McIntyres writes. "The 'challenge' that comes with the freedom of the internet is that any idiot with a camera and an internet link can do stuff like this - and ruin the reputation of a brand that's nearly 50 years old, and the reputations of 125,000 hard-working men and women across the nation and in 60 countries around the world."

According to reports, the two former employees have insisted that the video was a mere prank and the food was never served.

Nonetheless, a word to the wise: the next time you're dining at an eating establishment, make sure "Kristy" and "Michael" are not hiding in the kitchen somewhere.

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