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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chuck Norris......President of Texas? More Secession Talk From The Lone Star State

I was aware of this story about a month ago but the frivolity of the topic just didn't spark any gumption on my part to put pen (or is that keyboard) to (word) pad. There was sparse talk of Actor/martial artist and conservative, Chuck Norris having the desire to become POTSOT (President of The State of Texas). Why is this talk gaining ground in the wake of the first POTUS of color? And Texas, of all places, with it's racial history, makes matters even more circumspect. I have stated previously, as a conservative of color, that now is not the time for foolhardy and potentially racially derisive ideas. With our nation's demography changing, it becomes even more imperative to garner more minorities into the fold if the republican party is to survive. I also support President Obama as I properly deduced that he will (and appears to be) governing from the center, despite the protestations of Socialism coming from right wing radio. But what about this crazy Texas secession talk? Now the Texas Governor, Rick Perry is adding fuel to the fire...Check out this Huffington Post piece and then let's discuss:

Gov. Rick Perry: Texas Could Secede, Leave Union

Is this about race, taxes, tea bagging (talk about a double entendre) or something else?

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