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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Whatever Happened to Black Pride?(or an addendum to the last post)

Excuse me while I rant. Perhaps this blog is one big rant but I do try to inform in between diatribes. As the title of this entry suggests, this is actually an addendum to the previous post. After looking at Kiri Davis' A Girl Like Me, I was more angry than actually saddened. It appears that 60 years after the infamous doll test, our collective Black pride has gone by the wasteside. I see glimpses of our lack of Black pride daily....whether it's snide remarks, do-rags or n-word expletives, we are under seige by terrorists....intra-racial terrorists. How is it that we still have young Black women(actually sisters of varying ages, truth be told) showcasing their inadequacies to the world. Davis' video showed that many women of color abhor themselves with comparisons to their White counterparts. Who were these young girls parents? It is one's job as a parent to instill cultural pride in his/her child.

Perhaps we are losing our pride to the constant barrage of minstrelsy, especially if it involves local news media, MTV or BET. And yet our so-called leaders do nothing. Folks, this is a root problem that must be addressed. It borders on a type of psychosis, when you have a people with great potential but can not thoroughly "see" their own beauty. Let's stop the embracing of negativity, whether it's obesity, bad language, poor diets or obsession with (fake) hair. It's time to move on and up. There are a great many beautiful Black women waiting to emerge but let's stop high fiving obesity and hair weaves and try being our true healthy and natural selves....I suspect that our beauty and intelligence would go unrivaled....but until then, try reading our history. That always works for me.

P.S. Try this book on for size:

Naked: Black Women Bare All About Their Skin, Hair, Hips, Lips, and Other Parts

Next up, a review of a new book by my cousin(in spirit), Joseph C. Phillips(yeah Dr. Huxtable's son-in-law wrote a book...be very afraid).

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