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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Special Saturday Show-Interview with Director, Jon Schnepp (Death of Superman Lives Doc) & His Kickstarter campaign; Bale in JLA Film? Drones & Newsome vs Carolla-Starting @ 6pm EST!

Howdy and Salutations, citizens! Welcome to a special Grindhouse broadcast airing tonight at 6pm eastern. First up, pull up a chair and listen to The Comic Shoppe featuring your hosts-Daryll B., Captain Kirk and Dburt as they unravel the following topics: the crew welcomes noted director/producer, Jon Schnepp (Metalocalypse, The Venture Bros) to discuss his latest Kickstarter campaign, The Death of Superman Lives; a recent tidbit from Latino Review affirms that Christian Bale might don the Bat cowl one more time for a JLA film; are Marvel and DC still in the business of creating new comic book characters and lastly, if time permits, our thoughts on iconic writer and artist, Jerry Ordway's assertions that ageism in the comic industry is pervasive, preventing maturing artists from working. Call the hosts live at 646-015-9620.

Next up, for the second half is Afronerd Radio airing at 7pm. Hosts, Dburt and Capt. Kirk will shed light on the following issues: continuing from last week's show-the NRA in an effort to broaden their message has a Black spokesman, Colion Noir (to the chagrin of rap mogul, Russell Simmons); a heated exchange takes place between Lt. Gov of CA, Gavin Newsom and radio host, Adam Carolla over Black/Brown poverty; Congressman Rand Paul drones on and on about...Obama's drones and lastly, why hasn't a film been made about the Civil War era's greatest spy (of color), Mary Bowser? Just another fiery and informative show...as usual-Excelsior!

Jon Schnepp on Supes Lives Doc @ Grindhouse @6pm!

And if you missed our last episode, listen to it now:

It's The Mid Week & It's Afronerd Radio @7pm!

And then we have Daryll B.'s latest pulp musing. Imperius Rex!

Before I begin this LinkBlog, I would like to send my condolences to the friends, fans, and family of WWE's William Moody a.k.a. Paul Bearer. I had 2 opportunities to talk to him at independent wrestling shows and both times Moody was very informative and open about his thoughts about the business. He always entertained/scared the ^&%^& out of me and I loved him for it. Rest In Peace Paul Bearer!

Longtime listeners/followers of The ComicShoppe will remember an argument we had on air with a caller about why we tend to see everything in color. Well, during Emerald City Comic Con, David Brothers had his own interesting situation involving "interesting" cos-players.


Now I not saying that it is wrong to dress up in homage to a character you like/love but in being a "blackface" Geordi, are you saying that one of the most important things you remember about Geordi is his race? I think the visor would be quite enough for fans to see you and remember the character. The less said about being a "blackface" zombie, the better...

On the other side of 4th Letter, Gavok comes very close to moving me in his requiem for Damian Wayne....


...but I still not sorry for disliking the lil punk... May he rest in "comic peace"... until Talia gets him to a Lazarus Pit or unleashes another clone that is.....

I love when Newsarama does their Top Ten lists because it always gives me something to ponder and I have 3 of them this time. First up is 10 things their staffers noticed/hoped for within the Iron Man 3 trailer...


Ultron huh? Hmmm following the alternate story from "Next Avengers" where Tony admits to creating him? Hmmmmm.....

Next one has Graeme McMillian wondering who of the current Nu52 supporting characters would have the most effect on the rest of the DC Universe if they "kicked the bucket?"


The Steve Trevor one is a good one but the Orion theory.... I really digging the Orion theory...

Finally, who was the best Robin....?


Damn straight Dick Grayson wins this one for me but I really hoped the version of him from Thrillkiller was going to make the list too....

Sorry to hear about this....


All the best to Brian Wood and his family and friends.....

Damn you Joss Whedon!


I love your work but did you have to ruin my dreams of seeing The Hulk punching out The Silver Surfer in a gladator arena on a foreign and hostile world? BOOOOO!

I don't have anything but sympathy for Chris Sprouse here....


He was literally caught up in the crossfire here and no matter what he chose, an audible faction was going to raise a fuss...

We just can't let this one die can we?


Thank you Marvel... Thank you Sony... *Groans*

After that one I need to laugh a little...


Teen. Hulk. Hulk. Hound. Oh. MY. GAWD! *Shakes Head* I think we are all better off today not seeing these. Seriously....

Both Greg Burgas and Sonia Harris went to ECCC last weekend and came back with interesting tales.



I definitely have to hang out for most of the day in the independent creators section to pick their brains for information during the next NYCC. Then again I might not come back out again after getting caught up in some of their tales..... Best news out of both articles for me: More Astro City by Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson coming this year! Woooooo

So many things to say about Brian Cronin's Meta-Messages last week:


Even when I first read this, I said out loud in my comic shop at the time "Gene's" that this was fucked up... Sorry about that Gene... whereever you are now... Like Hank Pym's wife beater "status quo" and Kyle Rayner's "GF in a fridge", I hated this situation for Carol AND anytime a writer tried to validate it.

Finally, something I neglected to add to last week's blog... The Line it is Drawn gang mashes up superheroes and famous album covers....


The thing I miss the most with the incorporation of better technology within the music biz? Great album cover art.... Thx for this CSBG!

Thx for taking this journey around my comics space with me Folks! Until next time, Keep Fantasizing!

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