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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Grindhouse Studios Presents 2 for 1 Shows @6 & 7pm! Issues-Matt Crane's Sesame Street Fighter Kickstarter Project; Robin Dies (Again!!), Sequestration, Educational Tech & More!

Howdy, citizens! Join us this Sunday for another fun and fact filled mission in the guise of radio broadcast entitled Afronerd Radio-The Grindhouse Edition. Pull up a seat and listen to the aural entree commonly known as The Comic Shoppe airing at 6pm with your hosts, Daryll B., Capt. Kirk and Dburt. The issues at hand are: the crew welcomes graphic designer, Matt Crane to discuss his current Sesame Street meets Street Fighter Kickstarter campaign; the media's lack of spoiler control regarding comic book plot lines-case in point, the recent revelation of the impending death of Robin (again) ; and speaking of Kickstarter projects, our thoughts on a proposed documentary highlighting the failed Tim Burton reboot of the Superman film franchise and lastly, time constraints notwithstanding, the latest in film news (Matthew Vaughn's X-men and Fantastic Four projects, Avi Arad's Robosapien,etc). Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620!

Then not to be outdone, there's Afronerd Radio airing at 7pm. Join Capt. Kirk and Dburt as they lend analysis to the following topics: another study shows the wealth gap between the races has widened threefold; a HuffPost piece by Sugata Mitra, professor of educational technology at Newcastle Univ. posits the future of schools and learning; what the beginning of sequestration really means and lastly, two op-eds from The Root bear mentioning-The White male disdain for Mrs. Obama's posterior and Black female rejection in the workplace and academia. Excelsior!

Grindhouse Studios Presents 2 for 1 Shows @6 & 7pm!

And if you missed our last episode, listen to it now:

Happy Hump Day! Afronerd's Mid Week Show @7pm!

And then we have Daryll B.'s latest blog entry. Imperius Rex!

Open letter of frank honesty to our fans, detractors, and anyone that might stumble across the blog for the first time. We at the ComicShoppe do see race and division within a lot of our passions. How could we not? It has been pushed in our face since we were younglings. We give voice to our disappointment and rage as well as our pride and happiness. How else would an internet radio show work or we even be heard. We will not agree on a lot of topics because growing up and age difference will have subjected us to different factors that have shaped our worldview. Through all of that, the ComicShoppe tries to approach every topic with a learned perspective and will continue to try to present you with all the facts we have on the subject being debated. We can only give you our opinions... you have to think and read up to make a decision for yourselves. That's the best thing about free will... total anarchy in terms of personal decision making and favorites. After all, the world would be a boring place if we all thought the same.

So as I enter the 3rd year of dwelling in the ComicShoppe, I promise that you will love me and hate me; think I am a savant and a madman; want to praise me and throttle me; but you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way. Time to let this week's LinkBlog roll....

-Seems that David Brothers and us were on the same wavelength this week:



Kudos to him for the Black Panther letters page. It was thought provoking to read Reggie Hudlin's answers to the gentlman who was "outraged" that Black Panther beat Captain America.

-Big ups to Comics Alliance for giving us the nay and yay of the retailers about stocking the Orson Scott Card involved Superman book:



In addition, Adam WarRock shares his personal opinion about the situation as well as a new song from the standpoint of a fan of OSC until he read about the author's beliefs.


Again, as an artist, you can believe what you believe but once you become vocally public about them, everything gets hard to separate the craft from the politics.

-I still don't know what DC was thinking with this.....


"Ooooh let's get edgy with a WTF campaign to draw eyeballs to our books!" Wasn't this the same company that famously canned The Boys by Garth Ennis? They don't have a risque bone in their bodies..... Hypocritical ones yes... Risque, NO....

-Here's a question that we at the ComicShoppe have pondered since the show began:


I have finally come to the conclusion that.. we have no conclusion. Too many factors weigh into this for one answer to solve everything. Although I will say that there is something to the old "comic books are for kids/are too kiddie for me to be seen reading them" stigma.

-Here we go again:


I am just tired of getting plot points spoiled in newspapers. Tell me what other form of suspense in art goes out and INTENTIONALLY gives away shocking events beforehand? Imagine if this was done with The Usual Suspects or The Crying Game? And folks say they don't understand why I get angry with this....

-Finally, I never saw this pattern but kudos to Robot 6 on spotting this...


I loved creating you so much I have to kill you. Brutal... And I still miss Aztek....

That's it for me this week. Until next time Readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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