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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Like a 2-Base Hit! Comic Shoppe @6 & Afronerd @7pm! TOPICS: No Black Writers at DC or Marvel? Lil Wayne & Emmett Till & More!

Our discourse continues.....welcome to the vaunted Grindhouse edition of Afronerd Radio! Double your pleasure...yin versus yang...yada yada yada! Pull up a seat and listen to The Comic Shoppe at 6pm EST and then Afronerd Radio at 7pm. It appears that our last few shows were especially festive so as alluded to in the aforementioned opening, our conversation continues... Join Dburt, Captain Kirk and Daryll B as they (continue to) discuss the following: a number of internet articles are highlighting the lack of Black writers at Marvel and DC (and how the independents put those diversity stats to shame); a recent HuffPost/Black Voices blog posting puts focus on the history of the Black super heroine in comics; there's a new Black sci fi pilot that has gone viral (above) entitled, The Abandon; David Brothers of Comics Alliance provides an excellent historical timeline of the Black influence in mainstream comics and if time permits, will the quality writing of Green Lantern falter with Geoff Johns' (and his staff) departure from the book? Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620!

And then there's always Afronerd Radio airing after The Shoppe at 7pm. Join Captain Kirk and Dburt as they shed light on some recent issues of note: picking up from last week regarding the Grammys; and speaking of music-what's the difference between Lil Wayne and a White rapping Pastor who proclaims that Jesus is his "nigga"....the answer? Not much.; a doctoral student at Univ. of Texas discovers a poem from the earliest documented Black published writer in the US, Jupiter Hammon and the racial divide between twitter and Pinterest users.

Like a 2-Base Hit! Comic Shoppe @6 & Afronerd @7pm!

And if you missed out last episode, listen to it now:

Now The Post Grammy Edition of Afronerd Wed @7pm!

And then we have Daryll B.'s weekly blog post. Imperius Rex!

Howdy AfroNerd Readers! Once again we are upon another Valentine's Day. So In that tradition, I am going to give you my favorite couples in comics:

Hawkeye and Mockingbird...(Pre whatever mess Secret Invasion caused it to be) Clint and Bobbi was the adventurous couple with a tinge of responsibility. Often they would take turns as to which was the responsible one and the reckless one but it was fun to read and observe. Especially in the West Coast Avengers days.

Nightwing and Starfire... I grew up in comics with the Teen Titans under Wolfman and Perez. To me Dick Grayson and Princess Korian'd was a strange but fascinating couple. The gal was the one whose emotions were wild while the guy had to be the one to keep her in check. The ultimate introvert/extrovert relationship...

Cannonball and Lila Cheney... In the same vein, the romance between Sam Guthrie and Lila Cheney can be classified. A good ol' farm boy dating an intergalatic rock star. Throw in two of the wildest mutant powers seen at the time and let hilarity ensue.

Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman... The stable example of attraction leading to a lasting relationship is the marriage of Reed and Sue Richards. The ultimate scientist wedded his sweetheart and are still strong today with Sue becoming her own person seemingly through their adventures as part of the Fantastic Four. They are my version of Ozzie and Harriet...

The Third Flash and Linda Park... Wally West and Linda Park were my current favorite couple until DC decided to reboot everything connected to their universe and erased this lovely pairing. It seemed the perfect combination of one of my favorite relationships (Peter/MJ) and one of my most despised (Clark/Lois) because of how it was depicted by Mark Waid/Grant Morrison/Geoff Johns and others.

Apollo and Midnighter... Warren Ellis is a genius of characterization and the fact that he had the first homosexual couple appearing regularly in a comic without letting the fanbase know that they were for like 8 months was absolutely perfect. Then after the reveal of the relationship, fans went back and saw all the lil hints of it sprinkled throughout the Stormwatch/Authority issues....

Katchoo and Francine... No doubt the best, confusing relationship that I have ever read. Terry Moore in Strangers in Paradise took the shy Francine and tormented Katchoo and put them through the wringer. I am not a soap opera fan but this... THIS is the closest I will get to one with all the innuendos, adventure, humor, trials, and heartbreak experienced by these two lovely ladies. Still a book that I always go back to and read over and over....

Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson.... My number one relationship for the fact that the nerd scored the model! *pumps fist in celebration* Seriously, I never got tired of Peter and Mary Jane and it absolutely wrecked me how this marriage has/was treated by fans and creators as a crutch. I loved the dynamic and their interactions in the Spider-Island Saga only inflamed my rage at Marvel over the dumb way it was discarded....

...and now time for some relationships that I frankly got tired of that others love...

Superman and Lois Lane... No longer viable because of Nu52 but I will tell you that the only time I really got into this relationship was with Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. It is amazing though that I can get into parodies like Mark and Abby in Love and Capes better than the originals. I guess I am a Lana Lang guy...

Batman and Catwoman/Talia R Ghul.... Cry me a river Bat Fans. The ultimate vigilante loner seeks love from the "bad girls". Aren't you the same guys and gals that are looking for the "good" Mr/Mrs. Right? Wouldn't your hero dating villainesses/anti-heroes defeat that logic?

Nightwing and Batgirl/Oracle... Not because I hate Barbara Gordon mind you. But because like I said above, I am a Dick/Kory guy. When you have had Starfire, how could you go to any other woman? I know it a bit snobbish but I was brainwashed early!

Captain America and Sharon Carter... It seemed that they bickered more than produce anything close to a loving relationship. After a while, that REALLY gets annoying... especially when they were on missions of stealth. I kept wishing for them to get shot all instead of the continuing inner monologues followed by fights...

Gambit and Rogue... Yeahhhh I was once deeply invested in this one but over time and the constant annoying questions about their status at conventions during panels just completely killed my enthusiasm long ago. And ever as I read reprints from those days, I find myself flipping through FAST....

Cyclops and Jean Grey.... I know. It blasphemy as a X-Men fan to list this here but OMIGAWD! Cyclops was so in love with Jean Grey that he married a clone of her first! Then after he married the real one, he cheated on her with one of the X-Men's worst villains at the time, The White Queen. Jean Grey has always had an attraction to Wolverine that had to be mentioned every 2 issues and like every 3 episodes of the 90's cartoon. Let's face it: love in the X-Universe was a screwed up notion back then AND now....




Pure Awesomness!

-Only in NY


HeHeHeHe....Take THAT Spidey!

-You may have heard about this:


I wonder who will replace Geoff Johns at the helm of Green Lantern? I wonder if the fanbase will stay with the book? Hmmm wheels are turning.....


Holy...?!?! So the WHOLE Green Lantern staff is leaving? Wow....

-Sometimes you have to wonder what DC is thinking with their hires...


I could say something about this but Brett White and his friend do a so much better job of it here...


The ones who hired Orson Scott Card for Superman are probably the same guys who decided that Lupe Fiasco would be a good fit at Obama's Pre-inaguration Concert. You didn't think the LGBT community would be up in arms at this? Whoops!

-Here's David Brothers:


Here's a nice timeline for Black History Month in terms of comics... Again, I don't have a lot of answers for the history of neglect but it obvious that more of us are asking questions!

Meanwhile, Gavok, his partner in crime over at 4thLetter gives us this:


Turtles Forever fulfilled so many geek-gasm thoughts within me concerning the 3 different animated Turtles takes...

That's it for me this week AfroNerd Readers. Until next time, Keep Fantasizing!

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