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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Check Our Pre-Game Shows on Saturday, Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7!-Issues: Fishburne as Luke Cage?; Young Justice & GLA Cancelled; Superbowl Discussed; All Blue Area & Daryll B's Latest Blog!

Howdy, loyal supporters and listeners! Because of our supreme cognition, we know better NOT to compete with tomorrow's Superbowl, so check out our infamous Grindhouse show today starting at 6pm. For the first matinee feature, there's The Comic Shoppe starring Daryll B., Dburt and Captain Kirk. The Shoppe crew will be unpacking the following topics: Cartoon Network does it AGAIN....DC Nation's Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice get cancelled...and Dburt asks-Why not tweek these shows for Adult Swim or Fox where their survival might be more assured ; in our minds' eye to reality-cartoonist, Aaron McGruder has a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of getting funding for a Uncle Ruckus live action film; picking up where we left off from our last broadcast (Quinten Tarantino's Luke Cage movie proposal, Robotech gets a director) and lastly, was there ever talk of a Jack Bauer/John McClane crossover film? Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620!

For your second audio feature, starting at 7pm, there's Afronerd Radio starring Captain Kirk and Dburt. The issues at hand are: friend of the show and coach of the Chippewa Valley Predators, Martin Adams stops by to discuss tomorrow's Superbowl; and the remainder of the show will be all BLUE AREA (aka stories of a positive bent)-i.e. a young Brooklyn artist gains notoriety for his Afrocentric quilts; Black History month starts; Dr. Henry L. Gates' The Root site has a regular segment entitled 100 Amazing Facts about The Negro; Mary J. Blige and Angela Bassett are starring in a new civil rights era Lifetime film entitled, Betty & Coretta and lastly, Dr. S. James Gates is awarded the National Medal of Science from President Obama!. Remember..be there and be square- it's safer!

Check Our Pre-Game Shows, Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7!

And if you missed out last episode, listen to it now:

It's The Mid Week In Review Show, Folks! Listen @7pm EST!

Check out the latest blog entry, courtesy of The Shoppe's Daryll B:

I hope that you all out there in AfroNerd land had a good week. Mine was going good: a fun Royal Rumble; NHL season giving me great games; NASCAR 2 weeks away from starting up while the Super Bowl is a week away. LeBron James did me proud with his "speech" while he, Wade and the Miami Heat visited President Obama. Then before the skies opened up in NYC Wednesday Night, this popped up in my alerts:


There are few things that can knock me out of my comics/fantasy/sports/music virtual world. I love to debate on opinions of quality because differences in thinking and standards are what makes my life worth living. However, here is a talented young woman that will never have a chance to make music or be creative ever again. She won't be able to enjoy life or make mistakes to grow on again. There are few times that you all have seen/heard me drop the Daryll B. "evil nerd" persona to just be the real me, but... the coward that took this girl's life needs to be dealt with. Take that how you like but let me tell you, I have swollen red eyes to go along with a swollen right hand now. This just wasn't fair.... and sorry that I have gone off the rail here but this needed to be said.

In lighter fare, Adam WarRock did this for Comics Alliance:


His words about the X-Men over Watch The Throne beats. I love "Teamwork" and "B.L.A.M."... Although I will say that the latter has language very un PG-13... but it is about Henry McCoy a.k.a The Beast. Take it as you will....

I see Spinoff Online agrees with me....


It was so bad that the writer invoked "Beauty and the Geek" as a positive in comparison. Shouldn't that really tell you all you need to know about "King of all Nerds"?

Matt Fraction comes at us with a quote he deemed "enlightening"...


...ok. I love the fact that a lot of "indie" sensabilities are being shown/showcased with the influx of new creators but here is my problem with statements like this: the old ways couldn't be ALL bad. Why? You are now in the art. If comics were so bad to you, you wouldn't be writing 6+ books now. And HELLO! There are fans who actually want our good guys to fight dastardly villains. Everytime I see statements like this it feels like "our fans are more sophisticated and better than what has come before" instead of "this is a new day where there are books for every taste and we wish that sentiment was catered to more.". I know Fraction meant his comment to express the latter statement but came off too much like the prior.....



At first I was like "No!" but it took my co-worker Luis to remind me that Hollywood has this thing called "CGI" now, which would make Mr. Giamatti's capability for this role realistic. Yes AfroNerd Readers, I had an old cranky man on the porch moment...lol

Kelly Thompson gives her reasons why Young Avengers #1 by Gillen and McKelvie was so great...


Here's my rebuttal. My favorite character was Eli Bradley a.k.a Patriot and he was written off the team and hell the Marvel Universe by "moving to Arizona". Strike 1. Immediately, his potential paramour, Hawkeye (Hawkette?) is first seen in this book aft-coitus with Nor-Varr a.k.a Marvel Boy a.k.a Protector (a.k.a "the half kree half insect hybrid who should be really in the Ultimate Universe"). Strike 2.

But what really sealed the deal to put this book on my bad side? After everything that just happened with "House of M", "Children's Crusade" and AvX and all that mucking with time/alternate dimensions that led to the death of close teammate Stature and the hunting of his spiritual mother, The Scarlet Witch, you would think that Wiccan would avoid going there. Nope! He goes and brings in Hulking's Mother from an alternate dimension to help relieve his partner's emotional scars. Yeah... no way this could go wrong right? What. The F(*&^&??? Thusly proving that Captain America was right in his argument about Wiccan's need to be constantly monitored in Children's Crusade. Sorry I had to have one bitching about continuity moment. This overlook to me was just as bad as Bendis using Thanos and Star-Lord in Avengers Assemble and Jeph Loeb's Nova disregarding DnA's work. Let's see if Gillen and McKelvie can make this work.

WoohOO! I get another....


...but even that can't make me overlook the fact that Cartoon Network and DC are idiots...


How many times can they do this to us? Young Justice Invasion and Green Lantern have been quality and they get discarded with way too many plots to be tied up in the 7-10 episodes remaining. Please tell me that this is just an oversight and they'll be back.... Please?!?!?!

Hmmm I think I have heard this one before....


I think right now that the CW doesn't know WHAT to do with a female DC property in any form or fashion.

Finally, a link that I forgot in the last column. Here is the great David Brothers about the Direct Market


Face facts True Believers! If DC and Marvel left the direct market tomorrow, the comics industry would be doomed! They are carrying 70-80 percent of the share right now...

That's all for me this week AfroNerd Readers.. Until next time, Keep Fantasizing!

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