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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Doing a Double Take! Comic Shoppe@6pm & Afronerd Radio@7pm! CBS' Elementary is Getting Better; Saving Tron; Anti-Minstrel Petition; Static Shock Web Series & Links Courtesy of Daryll B.!

Salutations!.....with cornbread and crumpets, folks! Welcome to the Grindhouse edition of Afronerd Radio! The only program that requires you to do a "double take" on Sundays with The Comic Shoppe airing at 6pm and Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk "batting cleanup" at 7pm eastern standard. When The Shoppe opens for business, listen to the "Incredible" Captain Kirk, the "Amazing" Daryll B. and the "Uncanny" Dburt discuss the following pulp flavored topics: the fate of Disney XD's Tron: Uprising animated series..has it been cancelled? or can it be saved?; Comic Book Resources highlights five non-superhero DC properties that should be next to receive the silver screen treatment; TV ( and/or movie) possibilities such as AKA Jessica Jones, Powers and Y The Last Man appear to be coming out of "development hell"; CBS' Elementary might actually be moving from moderate to "good" based on last week's episode and lastly, director Guillermo del Toro may help DC distinguish itself from Marvel if his Justice League Dark film ever sees the light of day. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

Next up, Afronerd Radio starting at 7pm. Listen to Dburt and Captain Kirk deliberate on the following issues: protests and petitions are geering up (thankfully) over Oxygen's All My Babies Mamas TV show; the U.S. lags waaaay behind other Western nations according to the latest health and mortality stats; The Captain finds an interesting article on our favorite word..."memes" and lastly a hat tip to Shadow and Act for highlighting a fan made web series' (and a great addition to our Blue Area segment) Static Shock trailer based on the late Dwayne McDuffie teen superhero.

Doing a Double Take! Comic Shoppe@6pm & Afronerd Radio@7pm!

And if you missed last week's Mid Week in Review show, click on the link below:

It's Hump Day & It's Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review@7pm

And if the shows aren't enough to satiate your pop culture thirst, check out the latest linkage, courtesy of The Shoppe's Daryll B:

Hello AfroNerds of all ages! Let's rock with some funky links...

- Seriously American Nerds?


With all the problems in the country, you think we could pull off a Death Star project?

- Peter David is the MAN!


Are we sure that he doesn't have some sort of infinite formula running through his veins?

- Ok. This is sincerely f'd up...


Protect your Smurfberries now!

- I find this funny...


Not because of the petition, but because of Hazmat. Why? Waaaaaay back in the beginning of Avengers Academy, she alludes to the trope/stereotype of the black guy getting killed first in action/horror movies.. So what happens in Avengers Arena? The first character killed that we care about is her boyfriend Mettle, a black Hawaiian.... Ouch...

- Tom Bondurant goes over his predictions for 2012 in regards to DC..


Scary how close to the mark he was on these...

- I'd buy the hell out of these...


Come on... who wouldn't want a new Rom book? Or a Dazzler book in the style of Josie and the Pussycats?

- More Superior Spidey thoughts...


You know... that Firestorm allusion isn't too far off the mark....

- Oh God No...


This makes Big Bang Theory look like All in the Family... Seriously... I want Joe Schmo back...

- This is cool...


It's Hump Day & It's Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review@7pm Throw in Virgil's appearance in this weekend's Young Justice Invasion and I am feeling great as a Static fan...

- is there anything Brian Wood can't do right now?


He's on an incredible hot streak and might be the new Mark Waid.. (Boy did I put him into big shoes to fill or what?!?)

- Chris Sims does it again...


Personally, I loved Peter David's take on Supergirl and Linda Danvers which eventually led into Fallen Angel...

- Finally David Brothers looks at Django Unchained from a variety of angles:





I think into the next month we'll still be talking about this movie. Quentin Tarantino has struck gold here.....

All of these links and I haven't ever gotten into Fringe... oh man is Friday's finale going to be balls to the wall exciting... I think that's going to be the next blog... so until then readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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