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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Is It Hump Day Already? It's Afronerd's Mid Week Show@7pm! Beyonce Sings! (But Not Really); Atari's Comeback; Quentin Unchained & Daryll B.'s Latest Entry

Never let it be said that The Afronerd Radio Show has a dearth of issues to talk about! Utterly impossible..which begs one to wonder how terrestrial based minstrel programming continues to misinform and disrespect their audiences. But there's hope..listen to Afronerd and Captain Kirk this Wednesday at 7pm as the "Podcast Avengers" unravel the following current event laden topics: the diminution of Black talent continues and it was witnessed at yesterday's Presidential Inauguration-rap artist, Lupe Fiasco gets booted off the stage for anti-Obama lyrics and Beyonce allegedly lip-synced what many perceived to be a credible performance; picking up a topic that was left on the table a few shows back-recent events in Africa have caused the continent to be dubbed the "new Asia" and will Black Americans invest in the motherland before it's too late?; legendary video game company, Atari seeks a new buyer after filing chapter 11; Dr. Cornel West believed President Obama to be "unworthy" of using Dr. Martin Luther King's bible for his swearing in yesterday; five people are shot on MLK Day on MLK Drive in New Orleans!! and lastly, time constraints permitting-why are some folks angry with Quentin Tarantino for using the "n-word" in context at a press conference? Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620!

Is It Hump Day Already? It's Afronerd's Mid Week Show@7pm!

And without further interruption, here's the latest pulp flavored musings from The Shoppe's Daryll B:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome back to my blog. I was feeling good to begin the week but... yeah this is going to take some explaining. So without further adieu....

This was the week I had circled for the last 2 months. Fringe's finale week along with the debuts of Continuum and Lost Girl returning for another season. Call me a sucker... well not more than Manti Te'o but a sucker all the same for thinking that my sci-fi feelings were not going to be ruined but let's start with the good stuff.

Fringe's penultimate episode last week totally set up a balls to the wall finale for this Friday. If you think you had the table set and knew how everything was going to fit into place, Donald/September's actions at the end kicked the table over and only sparked more questions. I know I won't get all my questions answered, and yes that'll bug me but let's see if they could avoid the trap Lost, Battlestar Galactica, and so many other Sci-Fi shows have fallen into and NAIL the landing.

Continuum's premiere was a good start for the show with a very subtle intriguing twist to keep me watching week in week out.... but it doesn't involve the lead time displaced cop or the terrorists she's chasing... As I watched the premiere I kept thinking that this was Timecop meets Seven Days but the twist involving the computer whiz/inventor sidekick is just too delicious for a conspiracy dude like me to ignore. I won't reveal much except if you have seen the episode, I hope you noticed his parents and his notebook after looking at the scene during the bombing of the future "government" council. If this catches on, I am going to enjoy the hell out of Continuum. Comic book fans, this will be the closest we get to Spider-Man 2099 on TV ever! I know, it is a big time tease but I do suggest giving the show a shot.....

Now for the downer news: SyFy is cancelling Alphas! What the f***?!?!?!? Just when I thought that Alphas regained its footing after a slow start then had a fantastic final couple of shows to lead into a third season where anything could possibly happen, the rug has been pulled out. I mean, I guess the realistic X-Factor tone isn't what Sci-Fi fans wanted but to those fans and studio heads I ask what do you want? You killed The 4400 because the powers were "too flashy". You killed Generation X because it looked "too hokey". Now you are killing off Alphas. I am never going to get my live action X-Men substitute for a guaranteed 5 season run ever huh? GRRRRR!

Maybe some links will cheer me up:


OK... maybe not.... what the hell is going on here??? Maybe the next story will help me out...


THANK YOU Stan Lee! Whenever I am down, I can always count on you on raising my spirits and restoring my faith in my art addiction. Excelsior!!!!

-Movie wise: THIS!


I am pumped for RED 2 and the Mirren/Malkovich energy from the first movie will hopefully transfer to the second easily

-Drake Bell can try....


...but GAWD! Please let Season 2 be infinitely better than the first. PLEASE!!!

-Great analysis by David Brothers on 2 of my favorite artists:


...but not the 2 best plot writers ever....

-Let's see what Kevin Bacon has got...


I mean FOX is putting a lot of money behind this... and the commercials/previews have been very intriguing... no way can we have a dud here right? RIGHT?

-Gotta love the Silver Age of Marvel..


Nice touch of the octopus arm in the "SpiderMan No More" picture...

-You knew eventually someone was going to do this in depth:


Marvel NOW! vs DC Nu52... Brian Hibbs hits several thoughts here right on the money but the one that I still have heard many debates over is full on reboot vs a "soft" reboot. It still too early to tell which is better...

-Sonia Harris brings up an interesting comparison:


I can see both sides of this and found both good and ill in the two properties as you folks have heard us debate on the show before. Ultimately it is on the consumer and how much derision they can laugh off....

-Brian Michael Bendis can continue to sell me on his version of Guardians of the Galaxy:


...but I can help but see how he has already glossed over the DnA run/status quo and feeling like I am going to be disrespected just like how he did with Busiek's Avengers....

Finally, someone want to keep an eye on The AfroNerd DBurt?


This may shake up his personal status quo....lol

OK Folks... Fringe's Series Ender awaits me tonight.... so until I blog again valued readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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