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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Time 4 a Post Xmas Exhale! Afronerd's Mid Week Show @7pm!-Dburt's Django Review; NYT on Guns and Video Games & More!

Well folks....Xmas is over but we're still very much in the holiday season and spirit! As New Years approaches, let's bring in the upcoming year with even more good cheer, edutainment and scholarly analysis. Listen to Dburt and Captain Kirk's this Wednesday at 7pm eastern vaunted Mid Week in Review broadcast as they utilize their conservative (and oftentimes independent) microscopes to peer into the following topical stories: FINALLY, Django: Unchained gets released on Christmas Day and Dburt gives his review (hint: Spike Lee might be off the mark on this one); picking up on some of the issues left on the proverbial floor from prior broadcasts (CNN's last Black in America special, Arsenio Hall's return to late night TV and new South Carolina senator, Tim Scott) and lastly, a recent NY Times piece highlights the surreptitious marketing relationship between gun manufacturers and video game companies. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

Time 4 a Post Xmas Exhale! Afronerd's Mid Week Show @7pm!

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