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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Double Your Pleasure! Comic Shoppe@6pm & Afronerd Radio@7pm! Topics-More Man of Steel, Pacific Rim; Sandy Hook Tragedy, RG3 vs Espn's Rob Parker and The Shoppe's Daryll B.'s Latest Musings!

Let's just get to the point, shall we folks? Welcome to Sunday's special Double feature/Grindhouse/Duality broadcast with The Comic Shoppe airing at 6pm and Afronerd Radio batting second at 7pm eastern standard. Listen to your "Podcast Avengers"-Daryll B., Captain Kirk and Dburt discuss the following pop cultural topics: our take on the recently released full trailer for next year's Man of Steel film; directors Joseph Kosinski and Len Wiseman are going back to familiar celluloid territory with another Tron and Mummy, respectively; an IGN.com entry provides us with 10 reasons why video gaming was better in the 80s (or 80s gaming vs the new millennium) and if the new Superman trailer wasn't enough to satiate the senses, Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim trailer makes its debut and if time constraints permit, more JLA movie news with Darkseid and Joseph Gordon Levitt (maybe..). Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

And as custom, Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk rounds out the second half of the festivities starting at 7pm. The Capitan and Dburt will unravel the following topical mysteries: a discussion of the unavoidable and horrific-gun violence strikes a Connecticut grade school; ESPN sports analyst, Rob Parker gets suspended for disparaging remarks toward Redskins QB, RG3; rap artist, The Game appears on The Howard Stern Show confirming Dburt's belief that lower tier behavior defies all logic; a new study shows that the chasm between conservatives and liberals is narrower than once believed and lastly, our impressions of Soledad O'Brien's latest CNN Black in America series-"Who is Black in America?" Join us in the fun starting at 6pm!

Double Your Pleasure! Comic Shoppe@6pm & Afronerd Radio@7pm!

And now let's check out the latest meanderings from The Shoppe's Daryll B.:

Hello Once Again AfroNerd Readers! As promised on last week's ComicShoppe, I Daryll B. will now lead you in a trip down SyFy's 20th Anniversary Special in a style that only I can skewer...

We begin with the early days of the Sci-Fi Channel's formation with clips of the early "pay for play" shows like Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. Then we get into the policies of the network and the early rivalry with sister network USA.. HOLY SNAP! Was that a Welcome to Paradox shout out? Good Gravy! I haven't thought about that show in years. The first segment essentially turns into a retrospective on Sci-Fi's first breakout hit: Stargate SG-1 and its enduring history linked to the network as the show and its spinoffs kept going.

***One downer was no Richard Dean Anderson here. However, we got most of the cast and creators giving us the insider peek on life on the set.***

*Commercial Break* which means I can throw you a quick link here. Fans once again taking the initiative:


You just know DC and Warner Bros are not going to let this one go far...

*Commercial Break Over*

The second segment is dedicated to the show FarScape and its growing popularity back then on the network. I will say that I posted a status on Facebook during this that had stated in part: "God I miss FarScape and really need to do a marathon of that show." Quality Sci-Fi show that I always overlook! C'mon it was like Buck Rogers meets The Muppets in Space during Bablyon 5. Now that's cool... and I have been slacking.... Also it was the first show of the multimedia age where the fans really made a movement to save it for another season...

*Commercial Break* Next link... Ron Marz gives the Part 2 of his CrossGen Retrospective:


I still think the company idea would work with the right push...

*Commercial Break Over*

The third segment focused on the Sci-Fi Channel's many miniseries like Taken and The Lost Room. The things I got out of this was that I somehow totally missed Children of Dune and that a lot of the miniseries had a lot of "steampunk" type of technology and imagery. The other half of this segment deals with their "most dangerous night of the week" creature feature/Sci-Fi original movies. Also the other half of my Facebook message is dealt with here: "Roger Corman looks healthier in his old age than I do now!"

*Commercial Break*

No link... I just need to stretch....lol because fourth segment deals with Battlestar Galactica. WooHoo!

*Commercial Break Over*

Battlestar....whew! All you need to know here is that a) Jamie Bamber's English accent is always oft-putting to me after his great "American" type accent during the show was so great. b) Holy Cow! All those beautiful actresses... and what steals the segment for me? A scene from 30 Rock where Salma Hayek pulls off her shirt to reveal a "What The FRAK?" t-shirt. Yummy! c) The theory the creators gave as to why Caprica didn't work. So simple that it makes sense....

*Commercial Break* Next Up: Maybe, just maybe, there's hope for comics' future.....


*Commercial Break Over*

The fifth segment focuses on the Sci-Fi Channel's long history with reality programming. I forgot that John Edwards had his Crossing Over shows on Sci-Fi. *YAWN* And I am sorry Jaleel, Total BlackOut looks like Fear Factor in tha Dark although I won't lie; seeing some of these people freak out in this show and Scare Tactics is a heck of a good time for my funnybone....

*Commercial Break* Man I am hankering for a Twinkie or 2....:


Great tribute by Brian Cronin and his talented cadre of artists.... Side Note: A very happy 8th anniversary to the Comics Should Be Good Folks....

*Commercial Break Over*

Segment Six... finally we get to the rebranding of Sci-Fi into SyFy.... and believe it or not, the reasoning and discussion by the stars and critics makes for interesting listening. They dovetail the discussion into Warehouse 13's success as the flagship symbol of the new channel direction. Transitioning into a tribute of Eureka (can you believe that the network originally didn't want it to be humorous?) and its legacy. The segment ends with an analysis/overlook of the Haven series. Did not know that women, more than Stephen King fans, are the major demographic for the show...

*Commercial Break* Switching over to Monday Night Football for a sec.... and it's 35-7 Patriots over the Texans... Ok I won't switching back there now. I flip over to Monday Night Raw in time to see Kofi Kingston leap across the ring. I always look in awe at his ability to leap across the ring. Unfortunately, this breaking news also just came across my newsfeed...


First, Karen Berger, visionary of Vertigo leaves, now Gail Simone? O-oh...

*Commercial Break Over*

Heading into part seven, now we get into the new generation of shows starting off the US version of Being Human as a metaphor for dealing with destructive addictions. This followed by an analysis of Lost Girl as a symbol of female empowerment and sexual freedom. Sanctuary comes in next as the pioneer of the webseries/tv series hybrid. Ending off with a review of Alphas and the unique physics/psychology behind the show. I didn't really learn anything new here to tell you the truth because we at The ComicShoppe have already explored these topics with each show in depth and we'll probably explore them in the future with their (knocks on wood) continued success.

*Commercial Break* Finally because I like the way that David Brothers makes EVERYONE think:


Interesting viewpoints about Marvel Comics in the 70's. Then he follows up with this gem which includes a retrospective look at one of my favorite movies growing up, The Mack!


*Commercial Break Over*

Last up in the final segment, an analysis of shows coming in the near future from the network: Continuum looks to be a mix of Alcatraz and Timecop as a cop (Rachael Nichols) from 2077 gets sent back in time along with a LOT of convicts to 2017 Vancouver... Blood and Chrome we have discussed about on the 'net show but the visuals given in the preview are absolutely stunning. Finally, Defiance, the web/tv/video game combo is given its due and damn.. this really does look like District 9 meets Halo on the Earth of Mass Effect. I got to see how the gaming interface meshes with weekly show. Consider my interest piqued....

I'll end this blog with news about the return of Captain Carrot:



Until Next Time Readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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