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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Like Santa, Check Us Twice! On Sun. The Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7pm: Marvel 616 Gets Its Black Nick Fury; JLU vs Young Justice; Obama on Same Sex Marriage & Trayvon Gun Targets?

Pretty much like a James Brown lyric, let's get up, get into it and get involved! At the top of the 6pm hour, join Captain Kirk, Daryll B. and Dburt this Sunday for the Comic Shoppe broadcast-the topics on the table are: undoubtedly, more Avengers talk as the film is expected to eclipse a billion dollars in ticket sales...the Newsarama site cites ten classic Avengers' stories that could make for a great sequel; it appears that in the main Marvel comics continuity storyline, courtesy of the Battle Scars limited series, fans get their Sam Jackson inspired Nick Fury after all; revisiting our popular (and rousing) Versus segment, which animated series is the best-Young Justice or JLU? and lastly, Fox's Fringe gets a fifth and final season (including the return of Leonard Nimoy!). Next up, there's Afronerd Radio airing at 7pm. Captain Kirk and Dburt are summoned on the bridge for yet another mission to unpack the following topics: continuing from Wednesday's Mid Week in Review show, who (and why) is Krispy Kreme? Is it a parody and why aren't his Black contemporaries perceived in the same vein?; an update on Akim Camara, the child violinist/prodigy who gained notoriety in '03 at the age of two for his ability to remember and play music pieces before he could speak beyond baby gibberish; President Obama formally comes out in support of same sex marriage: A so-called enterprising webpreneur, is selling Trayvon Martin gun targets and surprisingly (or may be not so much) requests for his product have caused him to sellout and lastly, why does Hunger Games evoke racist reactions in its fans when the story essentially describes a dystopic future free of racial politics? A Huffington Post blogger waxes on the growing furor over a campaign to cast a man of color for the part of "Finnick" in the second installment of the popular film series. Call us live at 646-915-9620 or leave a message, protestation or comment at afronerdradio@yahoo.com. Check Us Out Twice, St. Nick!...The Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd Radio @7pm! Oh..and oops....I forgot to post last week's musing by The Shoppe's own Daryll B! Enjoy!
Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Afronerd and Comic Book Movie readers. After a long blog hiatus, it is I Daryll B. a.k.a BenOrion back with some thoughts straight from my crazy dome. It may seem petty to most but one of the major reasons that I am disliking the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon is Sam Alexander, the "new" Nova. Let me try to explain without coming off like The Simpsons' Comic Book Guy. My first major experience with the Nova character was through The New Warriors. Sure, I saw occassional guest spots by Richard Rider in books like Spider-Man, Marvel Two-In-One, and Fantastic Four but NW was the first time I was exposed to his personality for a length of time.... ...and I hated it. To me, Rider was all the jerks in Junior High and High School that made fun of me. That beat me up on a daily basis to the point where I still carry psychological scars about revealing myself in public. He was just a dumb jock, not a jokester like Speedball. Not morally upstanding like Marvel Boy. Not sweet like Firestar. Not of my race like Night Thrasher and certainly naturally fun like Namorita. So never in a million years would I think that I would grow to like the character.... ...then The Sphinx happened. The Folding Circle attack with the betrayal of several members close to the team. Vance Astro got arrested for manslaughter concerning his abusive dad's death. Namorita and Nova grew close... The Upstarts decided to use the New Warriors along with X-Force as their pawns.... Psionex fell into and out of trouble... The Sphinx's Lover came onto the scene... The "Mad" Nova, Gaarthan Saal did as well....Nova got stripped of his powers and Namorita was lost to him, possibly forever... I realized that I grew to love this Richard Rider as the character himself grew in wisdom and confidence and when New Warriors ended its fan-favorite run, I eagerly awaited the next major appearance of The Human Rocket. Thank you Comic Gods for Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning. DnA's Annhilation Saga revitalized the Marvel Cosmic Properties (outside of the immediate FF Universe) including Richard Rider. Through his adventures within this universe spanning story, Rider had another series, a new corps, and a renewed purpose. Fast forward to the end of the Nova series at #36, and the Realm of Kings/Thanos Imperative event in which Richard has "died". There were no less than 9 Nova Corps characters that could have picked up the slack and continued the story... but nooo. Marvel in their wisdom, allows Jeph Loeb, even after the Ultimates 3 fiasco, to disregard the quality foundation DnA had laid for this Sam Alexander character. Maybe this character will be cool. Maybe he'll be Marvel's Next Big Thing through all the multimedia exposure.... but in typical Daryll fanboy fashion, I choose to remain skeptical. Win me over Marvel..win me over. Quick Hits -I can't believe how fast this first half season of South Park has went by.... Last Wednesday was already the season finale.... -Eureka as usual has hit the floor running with the final season and throwing the status quo into chaos. However, I will not forgive the show for the death in the 2nd episode. Yep you read that *sniff* right. *sniff* "Death". However, the ending of the third episode dealing with it was absolutely note perfect! -News for those still in a cave.... check out Cabin in the Woods when you get the chance. Perfect for those nostalgic for Scream type horror/parody... -Who knew Europe was this crazy about the Avengers? 290 Million international gross as of Tues Night and me finishing this blog.... -Legend of Korra....NickToons....Coming Soon.... set your DVRs people! -BTW, seeing Luke Cage and Iron Fist on Avengers EMH kicks all sort of awesome booty! I can tolerate Ult Spidey with that (and Ms Marvel along with Ronan The Accuser last week and the freaking DnA Guardians of the Galaxy next weekend) batting cleanup... -Young Justice Invasion... Tim Drake...Nightwing....Cassie Sandsmark...Batgirl.... Changeling....LOBO... Holy S***! That rocked.... Quick Links As promised on the show, here's David Brothers' layout of the facts and myths of his current anti-big 2 stance: http://4thletter.net/2012/04/if-newsarama-knew-better-it-would-do-better/ and the original Frank Miller article about creators' rights http://4thletter.net/2012/04/frank-miller-on-jack-kirby-creators-rights-1994/ However, I don't want to be too heavy so here's TechRepublic's top 10 geek rock artists http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/geekend/the-top-10-geek-rock-artists/9435 I think the commenters got 2 of the better omissions in Tenacious D and They Might Be Giants. I would also include Childish Gambino, Odd Future, Devo, and hello..WEEZER??? Okies, that's it for me this week... it felt good to be back and remember AVENGERS MAY 4TH!!! Until next time readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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