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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Afronerd Radio Airs Tonight @7pm-Discussing Obama's "Gay" Newsweek Cover; Zimmerman's Med Records; Facebook's Valuation May Rise to 100B!! 1st Lady vs Oprah?

It's that time AGAIN, folk! It's time for Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review show! Join your "Radio Avengers," Dburt and Captain Kirk tonight starting at 7pm (EST) as they provide some conservative (and oftentimes independent) analysis on your weekly top stories. The issues at hand this (mid) week are: in a blatant display of magazine publishing one-upmanship against the Time mag, Newsweek has President Obama on their cover as the nation's first "gay" president; medical records from George Zimmerman's family physician affirm his initial injuries that were claimed subsequent to the Trayvon Martin shooting; as the popular social networking site, Facebook approaches its initial public offering, its valuation might make it the most highly valued American company to date and lastly, according to a recent NY Post piece, the friendship between First Lady, Michelle Obama and the "First Lady" of media, Oprah Winfrey may have cooled over issues relating to protocol and access to the White House. Call us live at 646-915-9620 or via email/instant message at afronerdradio@yahoo.com. Listen to Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review Show, Tonight @7pm!

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