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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Mid Week in Review Broadcast Airs Wed @7pm-Afronerd Radio, Topics? Post Trayvon-Racial Surge?; Your Brain in Love; Santorum Quits & More!

As always, let's keep this cogent, compact and copacetic! This Wednesday at 7pm (EST) join the two grads from the "Xavier Institute for Higher Learning," Dburt and Captain Kirk, as they unravel the following current event laced issues: in the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, there appears to be a rise in outward displays of racism (the hacking of a Detroit highway traffic sign, National Review columnist fired for racist op-ed, Tulsa shootings, etc); A Huffington Post piece interprets recent findings concerning the human brain when one is in love with his/her respective mate; former PA senator, Rick Santorum, suspends his presidential campaign on the Republican ticket; our thoughts on current scientific studies showing those with conservative or racist leanings having "low effort" or cognitively deficient thought processes, and lastly, for Afronerd Radio's Blue Area segment, we discuss Washington, DC's legendary Howard theatre (reminiscent of Harlem's Apollo theater accept that it predates it by 20 years), which reopens after a $29 million renovation.

AGAIN...join us at 7pm and call the hosts live at: 646-915-9620.

Hey Hey Hey...It's The Afronerd Mid Week in review Show! Starting at 7pm sharp!

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