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Saturday, April 14, 2012

2 Birds, One Stone! The Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7pm-Topics? Teens Build Own BSG Viper; NYC Alamo Drafthouse; Blacks on Titanic? & More!

Ok...no dilly-dallying, join the crew of the SS Comic Shoppe this Sunday at 6pm as they discuss the following graphic novel/sci-fi/fantasy subjects: some enterprising teens are in the midst of constructing a Battlestar Galactica inspired Viper flight simulation ship with Kickstarter contributions; the legendary Texas indie film theater, Alamo Drafthouse makes its way to NYC; Ultimate Spiderman (Miles Morales) is set to meet the original (Earth 616) Spiderman in an upcoming crossover vehicle (and has a Quesada rule been broken with such a crossover?); Josh Whedon and crew film a "last minute" after credits scene for the eminent Avengers movie; Super Size Me's Morgan Spurlock has a new film entitled, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope:

And lastly, taking into account time factors, our thoughts on the upcoming Watchmen prequel (including a digital version of the comic's fictional newspaper, The New Frontiersman). Call in for the live broadcast at: 646-915-9620.

Next on the horizon is the Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk broadcast, airing at 7pm eastern standard time. The topics du jour for this live podcast are: financial juggernaut, Goldman Sachs gets tagged for investing in a sex trafficking website; taking a cue from the pop culture/comic book fansite, 4th Letter, the crew waxes on the hackneyed n-word rant monologue device seen in countless American gangster films; our thoughts on a rant of a different sort, coming from a man of color concerning stalled African-American leadership:

Howard University students start a new campaign with the tagline, "Do I Look Suspicious? (and our answer is "yes") and lastly, after numerous documentaries and dramatic pieces pertaining to the tragic sinking of the super-ship, The Titanic, no one thought to highlight that there were folks of color as passengers on that fated voyage-we cover this fact for your edification....AGAIN...this Sunday at 7pm sharp.

Our "2 Birds, 1 Stone" Show- The Comic Shoppe at 6pm & Afronerd Radio's Week in Review Broadcast at 7pm......Finally!

Oh...and this just in-a comic has been developed that started out as joke but now has come to reality, based on the recent real life heroics of Newark Mayor, Corey Booker and actor Ryan Gosling:


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