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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year Citizens! We're taking a break but We'll be Back 4 The Comic Shoppe & Afronerd-Tues & Wed @7pm! Meanwhile...Check Out Cap on FIOS-TV!

Once AGAIN....Happy New Year to all our supporters and may your ensuing year prove to be fruitful, safe and prosperous. Yes, we're taking a break today for the holiday but don't fret....please check out a recent interview conducted by the good folks at FIOS pertaining to a riveting and important documentary entitled, AIR: The True Memoirs of Gil C. Alicea. AIR was directed by a friend of the show, Hilton Ruiz and co-produced by Afronerd Radio's own Captain Kirk aka Kirk Goodall. Feel free to comment and rest assured, we will be back in full fighting shape for The Comic Shoppe and Afronerd Radio, Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

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