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Monday, January 09, 2012

The Comic Shoppe Airs Tues @7pm EST-Our Topics? Supes-Gen Y Version; AMC-TV's Comic Book Men; Versus w/The Simpsons, Blade Anime & More!

It's the same Comic Shoppe channel and the same Comic Shoppe time! Stop by this Tuesday at 7pm (EST) as our own "East Coast Avengers" (Daryll B, Captain Kirk and Dburt) discuss the following geek oriented concerns: prompted by a recent email, our stalwart listener, "Qstorm" asked to hear our take on DCnu's Generation Y/anti-hero version of Superman; for the ever popular Versus segment, which take on The Simpsons is superior, current continuity or future continuity when Bart and Lisa are depicted as adults?; our thoughts on Marvel's anime division, particularly Blade as voiced by actor Harold Perrineau (Lost, Oz); revisting a previous topic that we failed to unpack-a recent Racialicious article asked-When will we see nerd conventions of color?; a women laments about no women being involved in Kevin Smith new AMC-TV series entitled, Comic Book Men; why do you collect comics-for the art, value or storylines? And based on a ComicBookMovie.com question, the gang attempts to answer what is the most valuable book in your collection?

And just in a nick of time, check out the latest pulp flavored diatribe from The Shoppe's Daryll B!

Good Day Readers! As usual, the past holidays afforded me the chance to bolster my reading collection. Taking a break from the usual entertainment news, I am going to give you a peek into what my scrounging got me over these past 3 weeks:

FF #1-11 and Fantastic Four #600 by Jonathan Hickman, Steve Epting, and others.
I left the Fantastic Four series over the Millar/Hitch run and would not have returned if not for Hickman. I loved his work and world building in SHIELD and Secret Warriors previously and it seemingly works here. I'm not sure how I feel about the Franklin subplot or the new layers added to the Inhumans/Kree travails from DnA's Cosmic storyline but I trust Hickman and will continue to keep a close eye on the story.

The New Teen Titans #7-9 by Marv Wolfman, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, & Romeo Tanghal.
Spurred on by the death of Edurardo Barreto, I picked the Titans vs Thea/original origin of Lilith storyline up from a half price bin and it truly made me miss the "Perez Greek storyline" era which connected Wonder Woman and Donna Troy. I also realized how much I hated the character of Azaeal...and how dumb the "no man can touch the ground of Paradise Island" rule was. Even back when I was 11-12, my inner fanboy rage was growing. This gave me a taste of greek mischief so I had to pick up....

The Incredible Hercules #121-125 by Greg Pak, Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry.
Love and War offered the Marvel Universe its first current look at Amazons and probably the first concerted effort at doing this since the Femizons waaaaaaaaaay back in pre-Heroes Reborn Captain America. Of course we are getting this prespective through the lens of the Hercules / Amadeus Cho partnership, which makes the hijinks 10 times funnier. If Marvel is looking for a property that will make perfect "B"-Movie fodder but not reflect badly on the company, the whole Pak/Van Lente run is worth a look.

The New Mutants Vol. 3 #1-5, 10, & Fall of the New Mutants TP by Zeb Wells, Diogenes Neves, Leonard Kirk, and others.
Where to start with the New Mutants? Well, I have stated before that I get my X-Men childhood fix from this and X-Factor because the groups actually take on other threats before fighting each other (novel concept!). Zeb Wells has an overlooked talent these days of seeding and building up threats in the background so that when they attack the heroes, readers' hearts will race. The stories are a combination of exciting and heartbreaking while Wells has captured the distinctive character voices on the nose. This is the perfect companion book to Avengers Academy in that Wells took oft-forgotten pieces of the X-Universe and have matured/reinvigorated them to the point where other writers have seen them as "cool" enough to use in their own books. (See: Legion)

Top 10: Beyond The Farthest Precinct by Paul Di Filippo and Jerry Ordway.
I always avoided this book because of my love for Alan Moore and Gene Ha's original run about the superpowered cops. Now I feel like a major fool. Di Filippo and Ordway managed to recapture the original magic and chemistry while putting new spins on buddy cop TV tropes. Now I am saddened that this book has never been solicited in an "Astro City" type of manner because I crave new stories from this original yet mashed up homage of a universe.

Darkwing Duck / Ducktales: Dangerous Currency by Warren Spector, Ian Brill, James Silvani, and Jose Massaroli.
Like you folks didn't know I was going to complete my Darkwing Duck collection with extra fundage? I can't be any higher on the Ian Brill run of the "Terror That Flaps In The Night" than I already am and they go and throw in the Ducktales cast while tying up almost every dangling plotline from the previous 4 trades. Marvel/Disney, if you are not interested in doing another DD book, how about sending Mr Brill to a property like Runaways or Power Pack where childish, slapstick comedy and adult sentimentality go hand in hand?

Celadore by Canaan Grall.
I have long been a follower of Mr.Grall from his Line it is Drawn compositions on ComicBookResources.com and his Max Overreacts webcomic at occasionalcomics.com. I finally spotted a copy of this collection of his Zuda Webcomic in Manhattan and had to pick it up on the spot. The conception is simple: Long-Lived Vampire Hunter finds soul trapped into body of an 11 year old girl. Throw in a crazy supporting cast and mystical weapons and mix. Funny as Calvin and Hobbes, sarcastic as Buffy, and mystically crazy as Hellblazer, I wholeheartedly recommend this to any fantasy fan burnt out on Twilight tropes....

Wow I did all of this and haven't gotten to the latest Shadow Saga novel "Waking Nightmares" by Christopher Golden and the first two Transformers History novels "Exodus" & "Exiles" by Alex Irvine. I'll try to make room for them on the next blog because one paragraph briefs I don't think would do these 3 books justice.

Martin Luther King Day is coming up and I wouldn't do him or my parents justice without promoting his messages or peace, equality, and fairness to all people. Next blog, I'll dissect the TF books while getting into the pros and cons of Marvel/DXD's proposed Marvel Universe animation block beginning in April. So until next time readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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