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Monday, November 07, 2011

Remember...It's Comic Shoppe Tuesday @7pm EST-Issues: The JLA Movie That Never Was; Problems With Movie Based Video Games, DCnu on Top & More!

Time to look for the keys and open The Comic Shoppe this Tuesday at 7pm for a special evening colloquium devoted to comic book/sci-fi/fantasy subject matter. Our topics will include: DC52 or DCnu's current sales dominance over Marvel....how long will it last; a recent ComingSoon.com interview with director, George Miller unravels some details about his scrapped JLA motion capture film; why is the failure rate for movie based video games so high?; thoughts about Friday's upcoming Green Lantern animated series premiere; Avengers director, Joss Whedon pontificates on his vision of his defunct Wonder Woman project and our favorite comic books/graphic novel reads from last week. Don't be scurred people! Call us live at 646-915-9620 and make yours The Comic Shoppe!

Oh and I would be remiss if I didn't highlight the latest words of pulp wisdom from The Shoppe's own Daryll B:

1) Damn I starting to really hate Marvel's planning for their sales line:

For the record, I was picking up Alpha Flight, and would have picked up the Destroyers limited series. I think I know a few people that would have grabbed the "Young Doom" mini. These Alt. titles getting axed only highlights how stupid Marvel's "flooding the market" policy is when it comes to their big events and favorite characters. I realize that not a lot of people outside of comics will care and those inside will probably pick up "Avenging Spider-Man" or the umpteenth Avengers/X-Men book....

2) Meanwhile, here's DnA working their magic on the forgotten X-book with the whole "who's side are you on B.S. going on:

As you all can see, I left my view in the comments section and I have been a bigger fan of the younger X-Men in their various incarnations rather than the old guards.

3) Let me get inclusive for a moment as Robot 6 has yet another great article about critics and reviews:

To me, a part of being human is having opinions about anything and everything. Now the problem nowadays is that there are too many folks who will venomously rail on a topic and about how really, really wrong they think it is but have no ideas when they get asked about improving / bettering the situation. I would like to think that for every rant you have heard me go on through the blog and on the show, that I tried to give viable alternates for everyone....

Then again I can see myself more often like this:

Just imagine instead of Marissa on the other end of the line, it's DBurt or Captain Kirk and voila!

4) Wondering what the SmallVillains would review now that Smallville is over and they have gotten through all the live action Batman movies? Well....

Yep...Blade 2 is next... Pray for Ron Perlman now..lol

5) Yeah, now we get a movie executive to speak....

Nice to see some candor though..... and I actually liked BOTH movies but to get executives to speak frankly about their properties is like getting blood from a stone sometimes.

6) I think I know what is on DBurt's wish list now:

BRAAAAAAINS!... As I do a lay-up through the hole.....

7) Over at 4th Letter, once again David Brothers manages to hit his readers with not just one but THREE landmine articles over the last week:

Marketing when it comes to secondary books and their heroes:


A look at the issues involved with TinTin and a link to the previous Heidi MacDonald blog about the subject is included in the text:


...and finally interesting look at some familiar images through Nas' eyes:


Landmines each and every one of these but it would foolish not to read and consider the opinions / ideas brought up by Brothers and the related commenters.

That's it for me this week... Next week I'll finally be ready with the reasons why I am quitting the X-Men.... Yep you read that right I am giving up my favorite Marvel team books....

Until then AfroNerd Readers: Keep Fantasizing!

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