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Monday, November 28, 2011

Discussing Booster Gold, The Best Joker, Farrelly Bros & More Tues @7pm on The Comic Shoppe-Also Check Daryll B's Latest Blog Post!

We implore our listenership to check out our previous broadcast in which we started a new segment entitled, "Versus." And just like clockwork, this week the Versus portion will be revisited. AGAIN! Welcome to The Comic Shoppe show, airing tomorrow at 7pm eastern standard. The topics up for grabs this week are: in accordance with our festive new Versus segement, we posit to the class which actor portrayed the Joker the best? Nicholson, Romero, Ledger or in animated form, Mark Hamill; And speaking of the world of Gotham, where does the Bat franchise go after Bale leaves?; our thoughts on the proposed Booster Gold Syfy series; The Farrelly Brothers are putting out a compilation of superhero inspired comedy shorts to be released as Movie 43 in 2012; DC sets up an exclusive (and some say controversial) store on Amazon's website for print and digital distribution and does the concept of Death really mean anything as a dramatic premise in comics with the return of the Human Torch in the latest Fantastic Four? Excelsior, folks and do give us a buzz live at 646-915-9620...

And for an appetizer pending our upcoming broadcast, take a gander at the latest blog posting from The Shoppe's own Daryll B:

Hiya once again readers. I hope my fellow Americans enjoyed their Thanksgiving or as I call it "National Family Day". I got 10 quick points for you this week and then I'm out of your hair:

1) It is funny all these company "experts" who said they were "shocked" to see Breaking Dawn hold off The Muppets for the box office lead over the weekend. Haven't they realized that it is tween girls who control the majority of the box office? You know, the demographic that was not even born yet when the Muppets were last majorly relevant?

2) For a rational, yet funny review of Breaking Dawn, check out Chris Sims' one over at Comics Alliance.


3) The other article at Comics Alliance that caught my eye was one by Laura Hudson about a comment Kieron Gillian made about writing under the trappings of continuity and making it accessible to new readers.


If you read the article, you'll see my comment but for everyone here who don't have time to click over here it is:

"Well I have to humbly counter Mr. Gillen with some books of recent vintage that while catering to new readers, have a great appeal to longtime fans:

Commenters already brought up Landridge's Thor the Mighty Avenger and Waid's Daredevil but what about Simone's Secret Six? Appeals to the new fan's grey sensabilities about right and wrong while soothing old time fans of Suicide Squad with great portrayals of characters like Deadshot and legacy characters like Ragdoll and Scandal Savage.

Johns' JSA was like this too with the old WWII guard teaching their ideals to the descendants and mantle takers of their fallen comades.

As known here and other comic sites, I'm a sucker for teen books like New Mutants, Teen Titans, Avengers Academy, and Legion of Super Heroes while you can get the culture clash with the nostalgia. What isn't known about me is that I think books like the Johnny DC and Marvel Adventures lines do this excellently.

Think about it: the major appeal of Batman Brave and Bold on TV for the older fans was seeing old favorites being shown in a fun light and for new audiences was the action and banter. It a natural crossover into the comics medium and nice to see DC finally trying to capitalize on this with their "new" DC Nation block on CN. (Although I will say that they had this for YEARS since they've been putting those CN cartoons in print since the late 90's. About damn time they've opened their eyes to this.)

Outside of the big two, the list of books with major appeal to both new and old fans are numerous. Love and Capes, Gladstone School For World Conquerors, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Usagi Yojimbo, the Green Hornet series, the John Carter/Mars series, Conan/Red Sonja, Planet of the Apes, and more contain recognizable themes for classic fans with modern sensibilities for new fans. In short (or long as it were) I really think there's something for everyone out there and writers just need to stop trying to include EVERYTHING in their stories to appease everyone. Just tell quality stories and get your company to do promotions that'll get people to read them.

I'm just sick of seeing quality books get canned for crap that sheep buy out of loyalty."
4) iFanboy once again had a thought provoking article about one particular book and its quality:


Journey Into Mystery...Thumbs Up!

5) I didn't really love the Ben 10 / Generator Rex Crossover. I mean it was decent but it didn't grab me. Felt more like an episode of Generator Rex with Ben 10 dropping in than a true crossover.

6) Give Batman: The Brave and the Bold credit. The Series Finale with Ambush Bug, Bat-Mite and Ted McGinley (?) might have been the most appropriate end to a cartoon of all time. My favorite moment: we actually saw a moment when the series "jumped the shark" and when I read the credits and saw who voiced Ambush Bug. Brilliant!

7) Can someone at Marvel make up their mind whether Brilliant is an ongoing or a limited series?

8) Thanks to Donna at my LCS Superhero Comics, I now have Darkwing Duck Vols 1 & 3 from BOOM! Comics. Memo to Disney and Marvel Comics: get Ian Brill and to continue doing this great book like NOW! I know it's business that the licenses moved over but these stories are damn good for all ages.

9) For the Firefly/Serenity Fans in our audience: Look up the Browncoats Mixtape by Adam WarRock and Mikal K Hill. You will not be disappointed. Also MAJOR props to Donald Glover for his Childish Gambino Hip-Hop projects. Found out about him through David Brothers' articles at 4thLetter and have downloaded most of his mixtapes. He's got quite the flow to him and is not afraid to branch his lyrical style out.

10) I'm sorry. Musical episodes do not work for you Sanctuary. For the Love of God, no more... and thanks to the crazy college football season, I have like 4 episodes of Primeval to catch up on. That's why you haven't seen much of a review about the latest season from me. Sorry...

That's all for me this week AfroNerd Readers. I don't know what I'll have for you all next week but until then: Keep Fantasizing!

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