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Monday, August 15, 2011

Stop By The Comic Shoppe Show Tues at 7pm-Discussing The Lone Ranger Shutdown; Final Thoughts on This Summer's Comic Book Films & More!

Jump into the fray if you dare, tomorrow at 7pm eastern. The Comic Shoppe team will discuss the following fantasy, sci-fi and comic book themed topics: Johnny Depp's highly anticipated Lone Ranger film has ceased production allegedly over budget concerns; our impressions on this summer's comic themed movie extravaganza; the Racialicious blog highlighted the SDCC Dwayne McDuffie panel/tribute with the likes of actor/comedian, Wayne Brady paying respects; DC's Secret Six villain (or is it anti hero) comic has come to a close; MTV's Teen Wolf has its finale but got picked up for season 2; Black Dynamite gets animated; Dark Knight movie news and the teams favorite comic book reading picks from the previous week. Join in on the live discourse at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM at-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. And speaking of Black Dynamite.....here's a preview, courtesy of Adult Swim:

And then there's the latest blog entry from Daryll B:

Not much to blog about this week AfroNerd readers, however I did find 7 things that caught my eye this week. (Looks like we'll finally get around to that "powers" on USA Programs huh DBurt? lol)

1) I got 2 things from Spinoff Online this week. First up is the notion that Runaways might be alive again along with Ant-Man and Doctor Strange as possibilities/candidates for those 2 proposed 'mystery' film release dates.


2) Secondly, Graeme McMillan ponders what is the thing that film studios will get out of this Summer of movies when all is said and done...


3) Ron Marz hits us with a little personal history lesson when it comes to women working in comics.


4) For all those who were hoping for a little extended story linking from ABC Family's The Hulk to the Avengers movie franchise, prepare to be disappointed....


5) These comics are just too cool for words. First up Jaws seen through the eyes of Charlie Brown:


6) Next, a snarky look at controversy thanks to Comic Critics:


7) Finally...well all I can say is that the gutters did it again:


LOL I think they channeling my frustrations with the new DC timeline.....

8) Anyone who has heard the show or read the blogs knows how I feel about how race has been handled in comic books. David Brothers makes his case here on characters that comics have gotten right and I really cannot argue with his choices....


I hope I provided some thought provoking stuff for you folks here and next week I'll have thoughts about SyFy's announcement ending Eureka and how that killed my Sci-Fi passion for a day. Also, I'll give my thoughts on the first episodes of the new Iron Man and Wolverine animes on G4.... Until then readers, Keep Fantasizing....

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