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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Set Your Clocks 4 2morrow's Mid Week in Review Show, 7pm-Musicians & Their Master Recordings; Daddy (Prison) Day Care, Supes Real Fortress Crystrals

It's that time once AGAIN, folks! Join Captain Kirk and Dburt tomorrow evening at afronerdradio.com for their Mid Week in Review show at 7pm eastern. Pull up a chair (or call in live-646-915-9620) and listen to these two cultural analysts discuss the following: a little known law may allow your favorite legendary musical acts the ability to reclaim their master recordings from record company limbo; a program that juxtaposes a child's camp experience with an annual fatherly penitentiary visit; UK computer scientists have developed glass hard drives that are reminiscent of Superman's Fortress of Solitude crystals; Dburt waxes on 98.7's Openline show and their victimization world view and how a NY socialite's 180K purchase of a newborn child led to the downfall of an underground black-market baby peddling ring. Feel free to leave your comments and or questions during the live broadcast in our chat room or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com.

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Anonymous said...

Just finished listening to the first segment and I have to say I'm very disappointed in the Open Line brothers. Calling Mayor Nutter a nut on the air??? Really??? Let me go further...

The guy from Philly and Mtume suggest that stress and I suppose injustice led to these activities of late. OK, you want to talk about stress? How did MLK deal with the stress of taking bricks to his head, hi-pressure hoses, being thrown in jail for peaceful protest. I don't recall him hitting passersby in the face or robbing stores of donuts and potato chips. Nor did it inspire him to shoot up buses of innocent people over a perceived parenting slight. While I don't discount the past that our people have experienced, we have to COMPARE how we reacted in the past to how these kids are reacting now IF we are to believe their actions are the result of 'stress.' Are the Open Line folks trying to JUSTIFY this? Is their issue with the lack of a citywide curfew? WHy should the entire city suffer when the acts can be reduced to specific areas in the city. You tell me: if Mtume had a kid in school who had his lunch money ready to pay for his lunch, and a bully came up and started a fight to steal that lunch money, and BOTH Mtume's kid and the bully were expelled for fighting, do you suppose Mtume would have a problem with THAT??? I'm going to say unequivocally, "Yes." I know I would if were MY child. So, why punish ALL the kids for the actions of a few???

In regards to Capt. Kirk's suppositions...Capt. is my man, but I cannot ride with him on this one. I find it hard to believe that chemical or biological imbalances are the root cause of a carefully planned, well thought out, Facebook & Twitter communicated gathering. It's too willful, too voluntary, too well-executed for me to believe it's caused by involuntary chemical or biological machinations. Or put another way, I don't believe sniffing argon radiation is going to make me want to break in and steal pastries and potato chips. Bottom line for me, whether this is the result of radiation exposure or injustice, IT DOES NOT JUSTIFY these particular criminal actions.

Man, DBurt, you said I was livid on a prior show, these topics are making the pupils of my eys turn white, my clothing is being reduced to tatters and my skin is turning from brown to green! "The creature is driven by rage!!!!" One more question about these kids: these kids have been all over the news in these clips...how many do you suppose were disciplined by their parents, or most likely, their PARENT (singular) when they got home? How many were told what they did was wrong? How many were told to channel their anger in a different fashion? How many parent(s) did what Greg Mathis's mom did when he was a thug, call the cops and tell them to come check their kids out? How many of these parents are doing this? And why didn't the Open Line fellows address that?

Whew (pant), OK, I think the argon/gamma radiation imbalance within me has subsided...all my clothes are reduced to shreds except for my purple pants...