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Sunday, February 13, 2011

And Finally...The Comic Shoppe Returns & Is Open 4 Business: Discussing Xmen 1st Class & Cap Trailers, Lex in Smallville Finale & Guitar Hero Gone?

In the immortal words of the legendary hip hop artist, Rakim..."It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you." Well we're back and in full effect! Join Max, Dburt, Daryll B and designated hitter, Captain Kirk for a new and exciting (Afronerd Radio Presents) Comic Shoppe broadcast, this Tuesday at 7pm. The Comic Shoppe team will be discussing the following: the recent Super Bowl trailers for Thor and Captain America as well as the internet release of X-Men: First Class; after months of speculation, denials and wrangling, Smallville fans will see the return of Lex Luther aka Michael Rosenbaum for the season finale; thoughts on the upcoming release of the Allstar Superman animated DVD; our thoughts on the end of the Guitar Hero franchise, the release of Marvel vs Capcom and the gameplay of DC Universe Online (incl. a new trailer entitled Fractured Future, below) and lastly, our favorite comic book reads from the previous weeks.

Remember that The Comic Shoppe will be broadcasting at the Afronerd.com site, folks!

The Comic Shoppe Has Reopened at a New Place.....At Afronerd!

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