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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sticking With Our NFL Non Compete Clause-Afronerd radio Airs 2 Nite at 7pm-Olbermann Out!, No Critical Thought in College? Afronerd on O & A! & More!

Well, in delineating tonight's issues for discussion, let's try uphold the time-honored KISS acronym for our readership-Keep it simple, stupid! Join Capt. Kirk and Dburt this Saturday (again, Sunday is the game) at 7pm as they shed some light on the following newsworthy issues: MSNBC parts ways with its unabashedly progressive firebrand, Keith Olbermann; recent news articles are positing that many US colleges are failing to impart critical thinking on their students-leading to further questions concerning the value of higher education; Dburt calls in on Sirius-XM's Opie and Anthony show discussing (or was it yelling) about inner city crime stats; more comic book/fantasy film news; a story so crazy, I can't even explain it (but I'll try) and if time permits, Tiger/Chinese vs Western mothering standards. As always, we'll try our best to hit all cylinders on the aforementioned topics. Call us live at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com.

Afronerd Radio' s (Pre Game) Week in Review Broadcast!

And speaking of Tiger Moms, here more info courtesy of YouTube:


blaqueronin said...

I have been listening to old shows. I am almost caught up. Keep up the good work. I love when you dig into the lower tier. I am busy with work. I will be calling in soon. Miss the Comic Shoppe bring it back. Hotep.

Anonymous said...

Love the show, DBurt. Don't always agree with your methods, but it's always entertaining and we do share a lot of common ground. Wanted to get at you about your experience on O&A. Now, you didn't post the actual audio, so I don't know what was said BUT I wonder, given your show about putting the hood on lockdown, not sure how you can be offended by what he said, or to be clear what I IMAGINE he said, since I haven't heard it yet.