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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Check Out Afronerd Radio's Wed Show at 7pm-Discussing Oprah's Big Reveal, Possible Matrix Sequel(s), Flava Flav Chicken?, Obama's SOU Address & More!

It's another mid-Week in Review broadcast folks, so set your clocks! Stop by tomorrow evening at 7pm eastern as Dburt and Captain Kirk use their trusty analytical scalpels to wax poetic on the following topics: our impressions of President Obama's State of the Union address-his performance and reactions from the peanut gallery (aka Dems and Repubs..); Oprah's family secret was revealed during Monday's episode of the self-titled Oprah Show; new millennium minstrel, William Drayton aka Flava Flava is planning to open the first in a franchise of chicken restaurants...starting in Iowa; Keanu Reeves may be donning black once (or twice) again for 2 possible Matrix films and lastly, why are some lower tier folks "cutting up" in family restaurants with reckless abandon? Let me call your attention to exhibit A:

And then there's exhibit B:

Wow! Call us live at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio.com and remember, the fight against ignorance is never an easy one.....but we must prevail!

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blaqueronin said...

Yo, I am all caught up. The shows have been really good. The show you were thinking about is Degrassi and Aubrey Graham (Drake) was a straight afronerd on that show but afronerds are cool in Canada ya'know. I notice that in a lot of tv shows from canadians that most black characters are afronerds and not buffoons. Anyway The Prez was on point with the state of the union. Republicans want to keep us in the past. That's the problem with the party and they are really gonna prove it over the next 2 years. I think we have a good chance of getting 8 years and just as good for country as Clinton years minus intern scandals. I will be listening and may call in this Sunday. Miss the ComicShoppe with so much going in movie and tv land its crazy. Wonder Woman tv show has been picked up by NBC. Don't know if that is good or bad. Hotep.