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Monday, April 26, 2010

Just Pontificating Before We Get Into Comics, AZ's New Racial Profiling Law & Why You Can't Be a Good Samaritan!

Well, I know this is a innocuous matter but I just can't (or rather I refuse to)
understand the current state of music. As of late, I have been mesmerized by the infectious groove of the The Gorillaz' latest single, "Stylo" performed live in the above Colbert Report video clip. After taking a look at the latest Billboard listing, it appears that Stylo has only made an impact on the Alternative chart (presently 24th). I guess Afronerd readers are keenly aware of my constant lament-substantive and creative music is purposely being censored! How can a song that features the iconic Bobby Womack, the creative Gorillaz, the lyrical prowess of Mos Def and a cool video that features Bruce Willis miss? I have yet to hear this on any local hip hop station and yet the traffic for the Youtube video is north of three million views! Anyway, that's enough of my official rant.....next up, more ruminations of a serious nature and a preview of tomorrow's Comic Shoppe broadcast. And for your further edification, check out the official Stylo video:

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