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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Finally! Afronerd Radio Returns This Evening At 7pm Eastern! Howard Stern vs Jamie Foxx, Sharpton on TV-1, O'Reiily vs Racial Stigma & More!

It's definitely time to get back to business! Afronerd Radio returns for another fiery broadcast after a month plus long hiatus. Join us tonight at 7pm eastern as we discuss and bring heavy analysis to the following topics: the stalled Jamie Foxx vs Howard Stern beef over Oprah and Gabby Sidibe-what's it all about Gabby?; Rev. Sharpton appears to be one upping Tavis Smiley with his recent Harlem Black Agenda event/symposium; Fox's Bill O'Reilly recently exclaimed that he has lessened his coverage on Black topics for fear of being labeled a racist; yours truly actually saw marvel/Icon's Kick-Ass film and loved it; the untimely passing of Civil Rights' icon Benjamin Hooks and fellow blogger/journalist, David Mills (of the blog Undercover Blackman for the uninitiated) and lastly of course more exposure to tunes not played on conventional radio.....see you at 7pm!

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