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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ironically, Mr. Hudlin's Best Work For BET Is Not Being Shown on BET.....However, I'm Not Suprised

The Black Panther-Episode 2

The Black Panther-Episode 3

The Black Panther-Episode 4

As I alluded to in my prior entry, I will put forth further analysis into former BET exec, Reginald Hudlin's last project for the network, The Black Panther. I'm not sure when (or if) the animated series will actually air on BET but the premiere episode aired in Australia for some reason. The voice acting talent is top notch, with such thespians as Alfre Woodard, Djimon Hounsou, Jill Scott and Stan Lee making the rounds. I'm not sure of the stop motion "comic" style animation (reminiscent of the Marvel Superheroes cartoons from the 60s) but it seems to work for me somehow....anyway, this will be tabled for tomorrow's discussion.

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