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Monday, September 04, 2006

The Katrina Chronicles.....or Why Rap is the New Disco

I just wanted to rant about something else that I noticed with the Katrina tragedy. What happened to the artistic response from our (so-called)musicians? HipHop has been quoted ad infinitum(since Chuck D's infamous remark 15 years ago) as being the CNN for the Black community. Perhaps at one time this was true but how does one explain the absence of music detailing the event? The only hiphop artist of note that has a single coming out about Katrina is Mos Def. What about the countless other artists? This is why Juan Williams, Bill Cosby, Stanley Crouch and others have come out so strongly against the current state of hiphop. A devastating event has wrecked havoc against Black and poor people and all we get to encapsulate the tragedy is more glutes, grills and gangstas? Dead bodies floating in filthy water isn't enough? Please tell me an (internal)revolution is forthcoming.

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