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Monday, March 06, 2006

Blaxploitation without representation is Buffoonery...The Oscars

Well if you're just climbing out from Osama's cave, I'm pretty sure you might have heard that America's Gay Superbowl a.k.a the Academy Awards were held last night. Now....as much of a movie buff I may consider myself to be, I have always had a tough time with the Oscars simply because oftentimes it turns out to be a droll ceremony. But this time it proved to be an affair that would have made Al Jolson proud. Three 6 Mafia received an Oscar for best original song folks! I also happened to come across an article from London's Daily Mirror which reported that Terrence Howard was persuaded by the Black Hollywood Elite (more specifically, Will Smith, Sidney Poitier and Denzel Washington) NOT to perform "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" with Three 6 Mafia as it would be a poor representation for Black people. Here is the Daily Mirror article:


This situation got me to think how racialized we are. Yours truly included. As much as I had an initial reaction to Mafia's performance at the Oscars, I also thought that why does a single person or action serve as a representation for a whole race of people. The predominant purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet for persons of color that may not fall into the "ghetto" or "street" category. As much as I have respect and deep admiration for Sir Sidney Poitier (knighted in 74') I think it is time for Blacks to demand the respect that comes with acknowledging our diversity. No sensible person thinks that the cast of Jackass represents all White people. So why does a gangsta rap act have to represent all Black folk. Black conservative radio host and author, Ken Hamblin propogated this argument in his book, Pick a Better Country in which he used the term "Black" trash as a counter to "White" trash. Many Whites have made this distinction when referencing themselves in a matter of fact tone. Last week I was listening to a radio show on Howard Stern's former station 92.3 Free-FM (formerly KROCK). The hosts, JV & Elvis were riffing on why Asians appear not to exhibit criminal behavior but white trash, Blacks and Mexicans "just can't get it right." Notice how the term "white trash" was emphasized but the minorities were spoken about in generalities. So maybe in retrospect, I can't hate on Three 6....they was really hood! It's just that we come from different hoods.

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