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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Doubling Up! This Sat @6pm-The Comic Shoppe & Afronerd! Discussing Black Avengers Comic; Archie Movie?; Michael Douglas' Oral Woes; POTUS & The I.R.S. & More!

Salutations, crumpets and cornbread, folks! Welcome to another festive, feisty and forward moving double entendre episode of The Grindhouse, courtesy of Afronerd Radio-this Saturday airing at 6pm. First up, there's The Comic Shoppe featuring Captain Kirk, Dburt and Daryll B. The pulp encased topics up for grabs this week are: Is Marvel finally creating a Black themed Avengers comic? Sort of....our thoughts on the forthcoming all star minority comic entitled, Mighty Avengers; the crew's thoughts on the new Grayson/Nightwing Youtube series that just hit cyberspace; Comic Book Resources has a piece that confirms the notion that Marvel was toying with the idea of creating a "Black" Captain America in the Ultimate universe; just what is the deal with the retconning of Iron Man's origin?; Archie Comics is headed toward the big screen and lastly, should comics make a greater effort to create more stories and plot vehicles for ancillary characters (i.e. Robbie Robertson, Jimmy Olsen, Alfred, etc)? Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

And then there's the second act-Afronerd Radio holding court at 7pm sharp! Pull up a seat and listen to Dburt and Captain Kirk wax about the following topics: Dburt picks up on some dropped topics from the last show (i.e. collecting racist memorabilia, actor Michael Douglas' throat cancer and Tyler Perry on the OWN network); a writer from The Root laments about an interracial romance video that was filmed at her alma mater, Howard University and lastly, MSNBC's Martin Bashir causes a stir by positing the IRS attacks against the President as a proxy for using the N-word (huh?). Check out our double feature shows at 6pm and 7pm-post haste!

Doubling Up! This Sat @6pm-The Comic Shoppe & Afronerd!

And if you missed our last episode, listen to it now:

Mid Week Musings @ Afronerd Radio-Wed @7pm!

And then we have Daryll B. of The Shoppe latest meanderings. Nuff said!

Hello once again Afronerd followers and Science Fiction Fans from all walks of life. As I stated previously in my Facebook sports blog, this hasn't been one of my better weeks. As a result, I am going to keep this one to be a quick LinkBlog and try to keep my senses relatively even-keeled.

-At the ComicShoppe, we have been talking about this behind the scenes...


I said it before folks, this is the age of "if the studios can't make it for you, do it yourself!". Kudos to these talented super fans for making this... although I think that they fell into the same trap as the Birds of Prey, the "Flying Graysons" pitch and the Halle Berry "Catwoman" movie: you can't take a valued member of the Bat Mythos and TOTALLY divorce them from the characters.By not honoring that, you'll lose the Bat fans extensively..

-Comics Convention season is coming up quickly for Daryll! To whet your appetites along with mine....


I wish Rep. John Lewis all the luck in the world with his book. Seems his heart is in the right place....

-Kelly Thompson weighs in on the cast of Brian Wood's all female X-Men book...


This is all well and good but I keep waiting for Dani Moonstar to get her elevation to the big team. O well, at least I have her in Fearless Defenders....

-YES! Thank you Townsquare for making this possible....


So of course Comics Alliance celebrates their return by giving us fans their "secret origin" courtesy of the guys at Let's Be Friends Again....


...and my cherry on top is Chris and Matt doing a review of the first half of one of my favorite schlock movies in the past 10 years, D.O.A....


Jamie Pressley and Devon Aoki? Consider my attention gotten for more than a minute.....

-Wonder what was the SheZow topic that we at the ComicShoppe were discussing last Saturday? Well Comics Alliance got that covered too...


Like I said on the show, I'll give it a couple of views but, being a guy who read Ranma 1/2 and watched their OVAs, I have to see how the writers handle this cartoon.

-Finally Gavok gives a historical rundown to the uninitiated about the newest downloadable character for Injustice For All....


Mortal Kombat's Scorpion? Really? A comics universe full of characters, and you have to go to Mortal Kombat to water down (yet again) one of their famous characters??? *facepalm*

However, my week turned around with me getting Astro City #1 and then finally getting to see this:


New season of Venture Bros has begun! YES!

So until next time Faithful Readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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