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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Our Pre X-mas List 4 A Grindhouse Sunday! Check Last Week's Show; Check THIS Week's Show (Discussing Reboots, James Bond, Racist Twits & Tweets, Universal Translator) & Daryll B.'s Latest Entry!

Thank Odin all that election stuff has finally dissipated so that we can get back to more important matters like comic books, sci-fi and video gaming! Welcome to Grindhouse Sundays, folks! Double Fun and Double broadcasts! Join Dburt, Daryll B. and Captain Kirk, this Sunday at 6pm (EST) at The Comic Shoppe show to hear them opine on the following topics: the team's thoughts on the best (and worst) movie/TV reboots or re-imaginings; a query for the crew and audience-why exactly do Black fanboys collect comics that highlight White super-heroism?; with DC announcing that their comic line is going "full digital" isn't it time to officially proclaim that the "Modern Age" has transitioned into the "Digital Age" of comicdom and lastly, if time permits, a discussion concerning the new Bond film, Skyfall (including more Idris Elba/007 replacement talk).

An if gooey comic goodness discourse wasn't enough-enter Afronerd Radio at 7pm. Captain Kirk and Dburt will discuss the following newsworthy issues: more (and expected) racist twitter/social media backlash in the aftermath of President Obama's second election win; in vaunted "Blue Area" news-formerly illiterate Ethiopian village kids hack PC tablets without prompting or assistance; and speaking of the election, are the media being a bit premature with their notion of the "erosion of Whiteness?" and lastly, in Star Trek to reality news, Microsoft might be on track to creating a universal translator...whoa! Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

BTW, here's last week's Mid Week in review broadcast:

Our Mid Week in Review Show-POTUS Edition 2nite @7pm!

And then there's THIS week's upcoming broadcast:

Yin & Yang All Day! The Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7pm!

And now, a few words of wisdom from the Shoppe's Daryll B:

Howdy AfroNerd Readers once again, I, Daryll B., am back to dish out more enlightenment and punishment to the worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy, And yes Comic Books! However, we shall begin with this political message: "YES!!! The Futurama Political Clone LOST! There's hope for the country yet.... Now can BOTH sides listen to the AfroNerd in office and try to work to cure the country's ills. By the way.... this is the message I left on Facebook moments after the victory:

  "Sure...nice concession speech...but...you still haven't answered this question Milt... Who was this "them" that you said you were trying to get the country back from? THAT type of thinking is what fractures us... NOW can we come together and start the country's healing from within? You old folks seperating the country like gang warfare has worked SOOOO well for us middle/lower class types..*rolls eyes*"

  So as you can see, I not giving either party a break... and neither do I forget stuff said... and it appears neither does the Latino Population either! hehehehe

  LinkBlogging Time

  We start with David Brothers of 4thLetter who found himself in an interesting quandry with MC Grimm


This was totally silly on MC Grimm's part. These days you need to get your project name out there by whatever means is necessary. However was trying to burn this bridge really an effective way of doing that?

This is a long time coming at Marvel:


..and to those afraid of some sort of exploitation here... Cullen Bunn wrote the best thing to come out of that stupid Fear Itself event: The Fearless. This series spins right out of that and if it is even half as good, Marvel with have its own "Birds of Prey" title here....

Speaking of long time coming, here's Tom Bondurant at Robot 6:


Interesting analysis and breakdown of the new team and the wild lineups of DC's premier team. Makes you wonder about the future movie's lineup and how Johns will treat the ethnic members of the team. After all Geoff has had successes with characterization in the JSA and Teen Titans but flubbed them in Green Lantern and Flash.....

Victory is hers!


Let us rejoice with flagons of mead and roasted meat!!!!

They can keep trying.....


...but when you get PETER PARKER'S characterization wrong... then your whole series is in trouble... No need for me to go over what they messed up on because you have heard the show and me rip this movie apart.... but good luck with #2.....

You think someone heard last week's ComicShoppe with this move...?


...but the fact that this a total 180 from the opening announcement after the rights purchase is NOT a good sign for the franchise. Michael Arndt, please save Star Wars from these dumb executives... or better yet consult Brian Cronin who had his The Line It Is Drawn lineup do this:


Disney Princesses as Slaves to Jabba The Hut.... Inspired...and soon to be all over the 'net...

OK that's it for me this week. Until Next Time Readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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