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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Double Shows-Interview w/ "13" Comic Creator, David Walker! And The latest blog entry from The Shoppe's Daryll B!

Salutations, Crumpets and Cornbread, citizens! Our double matinee/Grindhouse Sundays broadcast starts with The Comic Shoppe Show at 6pm featuring our special guest, Mr. David Walker, writer/co-creator of the upcoming sci-fi graphic novel entitled, Number 13. We will be interviewing Mr. Walker regarding his latest '13" project as well as his work with Dark Horse Comics. And in addition, the "Podcast Avengers" (Daryll B., Capt. Kirk and Dburt) will be unpacking the latest news in the world of sci-fi, comics, fantasy and film. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620!

And if the Comic Shoppe wasn't enough "edutainment" for your senses, Afronerd Radio bats second at 7pm with your hosts, Dburt and Captain Kirk. The issues at hand are: picking up from the Mid Week broadcast, The University of Mississippi chooses its first Black Homecoming queen; recent polling suggests that racism toward minorities is at a fever pitch in the wake of the current presidential campaign season; Cloud Atlas, the latest sci-fi tour de force from the Wachowskis is receiving charges of racial insensitivity from the Asian community regarding "Yellowface" minstrelsy; and something straight from comic books, Star Trek and Fringe-a recent Talk Nerdy to Me blog interview posits the serious notion that doppleganger dimensions (or "multiverses") might actually exist...whew! AGAIN, check us out at 6pm and 7pm!

Double Shows-Interview w/ "13" Comic Creator, David Walker!

And then there's the latest (actually, belated..sorry Daryll B.) blog entry from The Shoppe's Daryll B.

Hello Afronerd and Comic Book Movie Readers. A lot to hit you folks with this week, starting with a humorous quote that CA Chief Editor Joseph Hughes found by the main cinemaographer of The Dark Knight Rises:


  Wow... jealous and on your high horse much? I mean with Avengers you had to look hard for mistakes and filmed irregularities. Watching The Dark Knight Rises, my friends and I were actually pointing them out on the FIRST showing. Pardon me if i didn't take your ADVANCED schooling but I think a chase doesn't go from bright sunlight to dark night (pun intended) in just 10 minutes....

  The more I hear about Jeph Loeb's Nova take the more I want to throttle something... 


  Seriously, would it have been so hard for these writers to confer with DnA about where they left the Marvel Cosmic Universe (2nd pun intended), and see if they had any outs for the major characters that wouldn't have their loyal fans pissed off?

  However in better Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning news......


  DnA on Battlestar Galactica? Mark Waid on The Green Hornet? The return of The Dresden Files? Yeahhhhh Big Two, you might not be seeing a lot of my money from this point on... Dap Me Some Dynamite!

  Then Marvel goes and does this....


  The Master of the zombie story... doing a zombie story for Marvel? Who cares if the zombies are powered or not? This is a coup!

  Speaking of Masters...


  Well, The Doctor's Wife was awesome... if Gaiman's second venture into who is even half as good as that was, it is still better than 85% of television out there...

  I have to give it up to Marc Guggenheim and the folks at Arrow...


  They aren't shying away from the fans' desires and the first two episodes were good... even if they do show Smallville tendencies combined with a "Batman Inner Monologue" type thing....

  Two views of the New York Comic Convention from more articulate people than myself: Augie DeBlieck Jr and Sonia Harris of Comic Book Resources:



  As I stated before, even as the convention grows and gets insanely hectic, the experiences are amazing. Conventions like this one or the San Diego one or Philly, Chicago etc. are the ultimate melting pots for persons with geek tendencies. As you heard on last week's show, even if you hadn't the best time, there were still images and interactions that last with you for awhile. Such as this one from Brett White who ran across a cosplayer who totally changed his view of them as a whole:


As always, I expect you all to respect these fine ladies and gents who go the extra mile to look the part of our favorite heroes and villains. Finally, Gavok from 4thLetter does one of my favorite bits over the last couple of years and challenges artists from the Artist Alley potion of the convention to draw a character with a prop:


OH YEAHHHHHHHHH! *Twirls finger in the air* This was a brief fly by since I am still on convention recovery. Thanks for reading and until next week readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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