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Sunday, July 08, 2012

NEW PREVIEW: Hip Hop Legend, MC Lyte Interview on Afronerd Radio for July 10th; This Sunday, Double Feature Radio, Courtesy of The Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7pm-Discussing New Spiderman Film; MArvel Now vs DC52; Chris Rock's Tweet; Morgan Freeman on Obama & More!

Boy, do we have some shows lined up for you! Once AGAIN, check out Afronerd Radio this Sunday when/where we have our legendary double feature shows, The Comic Shoppe starting at 6pm eastern and Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk "batting clean up" at 7pm. As mentioned in this blog entry header, our interview with Hip Hop Icon, MC Lyte has been rescheduled for Tuesday, July 10th at 4pm (EST). Ms. Lyte is gracing our studios to not only discuss her illustrious career in entertainment but also her involvement in her non-profit organization, The Hip Hop Sisters Network. Now back to this Sunday's show-Join Captain Kirk, Daryll B. and Dburt for The Comic Shoppe where the issues to be unpacked are as follows: an analysis of the Amazing Spiderman reboot and its projected first week, 140 million dollar box office takedown; and speaking of Spidey news, a Miles Morales, Ultimate Spiderman film short hits the web; is the new Marvel Now! initiative a shot across the bow aimed at last years DC's 52 launch?; limited series, Hit Monkey gets a video game imprint and if time permits, our opinions on this week's release of Gary Frank and Geoff Johns' Batman: Earth One. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620 or contact the show via email/instant message-afronerdradio@yahoo.com.

Next up, the Afronerd Radio broadcast starting at 7pm sharp. Stop by and listen to Afronerd and Captain Kirk wax on the following current event related topics: comedian Chris Rock gets into hot water for a controversial Independence Day tweet; legendary Academy Award winning actor, Morgan Freeman believes President Obama is biracial and not Black; for our vaunted Blue Area segment we acknowledge two wunderkinds-Kiel Hicks who is a triple threat-teen scholar, Olympic level martial artist and pianist and University of Kentucky's Terrence Jones, who recently facilitated dental work for a fellow UK student/friend and lastly, in more sports news, is Jeremy Lin staying with the NY Knickerbockers or what? Whew! Check us out 7pm!

And our apologies, to The Shoppe's Daryll B....take a gander at his latest pulp flavored entry:

It takes a lot to get my goat. Sure I can get worked up, and if you have ever spoken to me / listened to the show, you know that I can get pretty passionate about these perceived slights. One trigger of these emotions is missed opportunities to grow a product I love. Another trigger is the mismanagement of such a property to a heinous degree.

Enter The Avengers!

I know what you folks are thinking: "Daryll, are you nuts? They have just had a live action movie that was critically acclaimed AND took in 1.4 billion dollars. The Avengers vs X-Men event is a huge crossover that has all the fans talking. Not to mention that Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon is one of the most loved and watched ones on Disney XD these days. Seriously. Everything is well..."

No. Quite frankly, I feel that Marvel/Disney have royally screwed the pooch on each of these "benefits". Just hear me out...

Avengers made a LOT of money and wetted the appitites to even disbelievers to the potential of the Marvel Movie Universe. On the show, we have speculated on spinoff movies for a bunch of Avengers related characters on this wave of popularity. However, where was the advertising for the origin of the movie? All those screens, all those patrons, yet not a single advertisement for the comics to be seen. I know there are those who say that the printed page is dead and that digital comics is the way to go but there weren't any ads for the Marvel Online stuff either. Hell, there were more things done for the recent Northstar wedding than done for comics at the Avengers screenings. Speaking of which...

Avengers vs X-Men is absolutely inane to this fan of both franchises. Since when does protecting the world from a cosmic force lead to fights like Black Widow vs Magik? Or the arguing of idealogies when both teams have been so cross pollinated that characters should really know how partners who have been on both teams will react by now? The most fun that I have had in this whole mess is the insider fun that Christos Gage has been poking at it "secretly" from his perch in Avengers Academy. Surely Marvel can do better than this?

Well, when it comes to Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes on Disney XD, Marvel had what I call a "Lupe Fiasco" moment. Before his album Lasers came out, Lupe Fiasco came out and energetically denounced the album, stating it was too commercial, too corporate. He tried to save face with his core fans from a flop.... except the album was a success. Overseas, there were already remixes upon remixes of all the tracks before it was even released here in America and as a result, Fiasco is doing million dollar videos for songs on a supposed flop album. Oops...

Marvel and Disney saw the Avengers movie then looked at the cartoon and said to themselves that the cartoon needs to look more like the movie. They went so far to announce that they were going to release "Avengers Assemble" to replace the existing cartoon.... except fans almost universally love the show. The only real complaint I have heard about Avengers EMH was the Disney XD scheduling which had everyone scratching their heads. Fans loved the character development, along with the storyline shoutouts to past/current storylines. This was truly the "JL/JLU" for Marvel Animation fans and management royally screwed it up in the Spectacular Spider-Man/Wolverine & the X-Men vein of screw-ups.

In the words of Riley Freeman: "B***h-A$$ move Disney/Marvel. B***h-A$$ move..." This new series BETTER be good... and I not talking what they have said about it being on par with Ultimate Spider-Man because that would be a disaster of Ishtar type levels...


-Yeah DC, this story doesn't exactly fill me with confidence but our show told you so:


And you thought we were race-baiting and stirring s*** when we attacked DC over the McDuffie and Milestone/JLA situations? Perez essentially proves that all of our rantings over their "editorial" policies and Grant Morrison favored over all positions true here...

-Big ups to the Hero Initiative for this:


I may be a selfish bastard but it is always nice to know that there are organizations and fans like this that go above and beyond for their heroes/mentors.

-Comic Book Mash-Ups featuring NBC's Community? I'm there!


Let others have Big Bang Theory, make mine Community!

-Tom Bondurant and I often have views about comics that clash but we both agree on this: Brubaker leaving Captain America is going to hurt:


Speaking of which... hey DC? Where is that Gotham Central Omnibus??? Sheesh!

-Finally leave it to David Brothers to give us something to think about. This time it is DRM and digital comics...


Afronerd, Capt. Kirk, and I have been warning all of you that we consumers haven't thought seriously about the ramifications of going totally digital. I can guarantee that a majority of online collectors haven't thought about David's viewpoint here....

Ok, I am stepping off the platform now. Until next time readers, Keep fantasizing!

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