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Monday, March 21, 2011

Comic Shoppe Broadcasts Tues at 7pm: Discussing (finally) Marvel & DC Event Storylines, Wonder Woman's New TV Costume, Daryll B. Blog Post & More!

Let's cut to the chase...for all the "comic book heads" The Comic Shoppe radio show is the place for your pulp, fantasy and sci-fi fix! Join Daryll B, Captain Kirk and Dburt tomorrow at 7pm "live" as they wax poetic on the following topics: the two big comic book publishing giants, DC and Marvel are releasing their crossover event storylines-which is better?; pictures of the new TV Wonder Woman's costume hits the net; actor, Michael Jai White says that his Black Panther would make you forget the Dark Knight; Darren Aronofsky is no longer directing Wolverine 2 and with Japan's problems can the story still be filmed there?; Inception's Joseph Gordon Levitt might (or might not) be Alberto Falcone in the Dark Knight Rises and lastly, we will point out our favorite graphic novel reads from the previous weeks. So once again, call us live at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com.

Afronerd Radio Presents The Comic Shoppe!

And remember, when you allow your mind to think creatively, there are Limitless possibilities.....shhh!-

And least we forget, here's the latest blog posting from the inimitable, Daryll B:

Hola Afronerd Readers! After an extended break, I, Daryll B. have returned with a slightly new format but first, a little link blogging for you all:

First, longtime readers and followers of The Comic Shoppe know and understand about my addiction to Smallville the T.V. show, but for all of those that don't... Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue came up with the perfect strip illustrating this:


His blog and the comment section that follows brings up an interesting question: What is your guilty viewing pleasure/addiction?
Next, Graeme McMillan of Spinoff Online comes up with a simple request in light of current and past events: No more disaster porn...


I personally think it is spitting in the wind because people LOVE disaster movies but I love the debates it stirred up.

Comic Book Resources writer Brian Cronin shows off the Wonder Woman TV Costume:


What you think readers?

I can't lie about this but the Dwayne McDuffie passing stings still. However, Laura Hudson at Comics Alliance found 2 pieces of video that not only show off his wisdom in regards to the industry but his industrial wit too:


C2E2 had a lot of newsworthy moments/announcements by the companies but to the top of the list for DBurt are three words: Supreme. Power. MAX.


and how about Greg Rucka on The Punisher:


Vertigo might have slimmed down its line to the horror of its fans at DC but the imprint is FAR from dead. Can you say "new Jill Thompson book"?


Finally, I hear from people all the time that I am hypocritical in my hate for some internet fans and their irrational anger. Well I don't even have to defend myself anymore if you saw this:


DC closes its blog comments section because some people can't debate nicely on a FICTIONAL topic... Game. Set. Match.

Now to my new feature: I often tell people why I hate on something but I do try to give ideas on how the product could have worked or been improved. So in a world with plenty of ideas that mean well but come out crappy, I am going to bring a wrench and some duct tape. This week, I'm giving you my guilty pleasure: Smallville

Being a Smallville / DC myth fan, it is a pleasure to see all the cameos and "insider" Easter Eggs week in / week out. However many times in the show's 10 seasons it has come at the sacrifice of the running plot. A prime example is Doomsday:


Ugh. Episode still gives me shivers and anger over lost potential but it does lead me to the first thing I'd go back in time to fix with Reed Richards' time machine:

1) Where is the thought out story-arc? Even with the season finale problems, at least the Doomsday story had a plot arc that the show followed more or less all year. For the first 5-7 seasons however, stories and villains felt like writers and producers were throwing stuff to the wall to see what stuck with the audience. Think out a plan. Frame it. Follow it. Or call it the "Doctor Who" method, each show builds up to an immense finale for the viewer.

2) The show is called Smallville right? Quick name 3 places in Smallville outside of the Kent Farm, the high school, the Talon, and Luthor Mansion. Can't do it can you? Yeah...

3) Here's a novel thought: "Emo" Superman sucks. Yes, he's got a world of responsibility to shoulder with his powers however, the constant moping about being different and self-hating about his powers makes this Clark Kent the saddest "hero" ever. I get it. Being a teen sucks and sometimes powers don't help, but what made Superman appealing to me as a kid was he LOVED his powers and helping others. I know... a totally foreign notion to kids these days but wasn't Superman supposed to be a symbol of all that's right and just?

4) Stop the villain / knock of movie of the week stuff. You like Saw and the Matrix? Fine. But do they have a place in Pre-Superman Smallville? Hell NO! I'd take episodes of universe building over "we need a person for Clark to punch out and I saw something in Movie X that will let us do it".

5) I could go on with 10-15 more points but I'll cut it short with this simple premise: "Whatever happened to character learning/growth as a series moves on?". I know that after a strange situation or fight, I'd personally make a note about it. Shouldn't Superman know about Red Kryptonite's effects by now? After the 5th or 6th time of Clark haphazardly falling prey to its effects, the knowledgeable fans are all rolling their eyes about how stupid this is. Even in the cartoon, Superman uses a lead suit in situations from time to time when he even thinks kryptonite might be involved.

I see the cogs and gears moving in you readers now. If you have a show that you want dissected, or just take objection to something I said, leave a note in the comments section below or e-mail me at wolfpackorion@yahoo.com. I welcome thoughts, suggestions, and ideas. Until next time Afronerd readers, keep fantasizing!

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