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Monday, December 27, 2010

Check For A Special Thurs Afronerd Radio Show-5pm ET-The Passing of Iconic Soul Songstress Teena Marie; Are Placebos Real? Our Year End Wrap Up!

Once again, it appears that the culture and in this case Black culture will be at a loss with the passing of Mary Christine Brockert aka Teena Marie aka Lady T. One of our deepest regrets is that we didn't get an opportunity to interview Ms. Marie. If you pay close attention to what has been touted as her last interview (above), she definitely had a keen awareness as it relates to the current music scene and how muscianship has been degraded. Teena Marie once described herself as a Black artist with White skin and no one could describe her any less accurately. We are losing are greats, folks....and I don't see anyone on the horizon or an upcoming cultural shift that will realign this current musical malaise. We will delve into "Lady T's" history and musical legacy this Thursday at 5pm in addition to to discussing new evidence that placebos work (even when the person knows they're taking a fake drug) and our estimation of this year's biggest stories. Feel free to join Capt. Kirk and yours truly "live" by calling in at 646-915-9620, the chat room located at afronerdradio.com or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. In the interim, let's take a look at Teena Marie (along with the incomparable Rick James) doing what she did best:

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