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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And Finally (Not To Be Outdone)....The Comic Shoppe is Back in Full Effect! NYC Comic Con Talk & A Daryll B Blog Blast 4U!

Well the The Comic Shoppe is back from hiatus just in time to talk "shop" relating to a variety of pulp inspired issues, including NY's recent Comic Con, the latest in graphic novel /film news and reviews. Feel free to call in live at: 646-200-0104 with questions, concerns and comments or via email-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.com.

And Now.....Here's Daryll B's blog blast:

Hiya AfroNerd Blog readers! After a long hiatus and seeing my Yankees go down 7-0 in this game 3 vs the Rangers, I had to blog about my likes and dislikes at New York Comic Con this year.

LIKE & DISLIKE: New York's has turned into EXACTLY a carbon copy of San Diego's. Meaning, the press coverage and the Hollywood/TV/Movies stuff was all over... however for a "comic con", there was little big news about actual comics. This is cool for the mass media applications but for guys like me who are still more interested in the printed page, it sucks and is a harbinger of things to come.

LIKE: The reemergence of $2.99 as a price point for comics at both DC and Marvel. But I do fear it is too little too late for most comics.

DISLIKE: The ruining of Shadowland and The Return of Bruce Wayne by teaser posters and shipping schedules. What is worst than that, creators on these books getting pissed at fans who got pissed at the companies for this. Talk about a disconnect....

LIKE: The Cos-players stepped their game up this year with amazing costumes with few missteps. Several sites have awesome picture galleries and recaps, including my usual vices at Comics Alliance, CBR, and 4th Letter. Speaking of which....

One of the fun moments I had at NYCC was getting to the end of this funny/awesome moment:


DISLIKE: I not even going to waste my breath on this one and just why this idea is stupid because David Brothers over at 4th Letter beat me to it AND did it in a much better fashion... (plus he has cool GIFs!!!)


Speaking of 4th Letter, Esther Inglis-Ankell gives good reason just why The Return of Bruce Wayne has gone into the realm of the stupid. This prompted commentators to give even more reasons:


We all wondered when Disney would make their power play and well...


LIKE: This mashup is simply awesome:


DISLIKE: I have a challenge for all of the AfroNerd readers. Go to


...and when reading the parts involving JMS' Superman: Grounded, tell me how a black comic fan ISN'T supposed to be pissed off about our race's description.

Wow I so negative in my return back....so I'll leave on 2 good notes:

Picked up the G-Man Cape Crisis trade and Chris Giarusso knocked the ball out of the "fun" park again. I am waiting for the G-Man/MiniMarvels crossover now in the same vein as Tiny Titans/Lil' Archie that Art Balthazar is handling.

RED was very good and for Bruce Willis, almost makes up for The Surrogates. If your liked Losers and The A-Team remake, this will definitely have you entertained.

In closing, it is good to be back and I'll try to keep myself from wandering again.... well after the playoffs and my writing campaign to get that Wolverine and the X-Men: Age of Apocalypse movie finale made! This is Daryll B. and until next time readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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