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Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Show 2Nite at 7pm! Mosque at Ground Zero? NY Jets Harassment Case? Waka Flocka is the New Stepin Fetchit! Next on Afronerd Radio!

Good Afternoon Folks! We're gearing up fo another round of frank podcasting talk courtesy of the new Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk brand. Kick up your heels and listen (or call in live-646-915-9620) at 7pm (ET) this evening as the truthsayers discuss the following subjects: a long overdue discussion regarding the erecting of a mosque near 911's Ground Zero in downtown NYC; the sexual harassment controversy surrounding TV Azteca's Ines Sainz and the NY Jets and lastly, revisiting a common Afronerd Radio theme pertaining to the new minstrels-case in point, rap artist, Waka Flocka (the astrophysicist, above).

Afronerd Featuring Captain Kirk-Afronerd Radio's Week in Review

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