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Monday, March 22, 2010

"We Count" or The More Aptly Named "State of the Black Agenda....ahem Black Union-RELOADED"

Well It's been a week since President Obama signed his health care bill and the world has irrevocably changed...or has it. The neo-tea party movement, inclusive of many of my hard line fellow Republicans are incensed, frustrated and plodding (or is that plotting) toward this years mid-term elections. In spite of my Republican voter card, I remain indifferent to the concept of alleged socialized medicine. I suspect that many conservatives would label me a RINO (Republican In Name Only) since I am supportive of this president and simply not a right wing ideologue. I prefer the "wait and see" approach. The bill has not yet been finalized and there's no public option attached, so it's more of a boon to private insurers as they will expect anywhere from 30 to 40 million new customers. But you're probably asking-"what does this have to do with the above clip?"

If you have been paying close attention to recent internet chatter, there was a pretty heated on air spat between Rev. Al and PBS commentator, Tavis Smiley pertaining to the need for a "Black Agenda." And believe it or not, I actually sided with Sharpton! It's his contention that it may not be prudent for the nation's first Black president to openly broadcast or spearhead a Black agenda-emphasis on the word, openly. So what does Smiley decide to do? He streamlines his decade old State of the Black Union event, names We Count, holds it at Chicago State University and invites the same cast of tired Black progressives from the previous incarnations. Many believed that this latest event was just a round table excuse to bash President Obama for failing to focus on Black issues. The irony is...."Obamacare" passes during the same weekend as the Smiley affair-undoubtedly helping millions of Black and Brown folks who are the chronically uninsured. I implore you to take a look at the above clip decide whether the invitees have egg on their faces or were they speaking truth to power. I like my eggs scrambled.

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